5 Reasons You aren’t Gaining Muscle (A Guide For Ectomorphs)

If you are working away day after day in the gym in the hopes of creating an impressive muscular physique but simply aren’t reaping the rewards of all that hard work, the chances are you could be making one of the common mistakes I’ve highlighted below. Check it out, you could be one quick fix away from unlocking serious muscle gain.

1. You Don’t Eat Enough

I cant count the amount of times I’ve seen guys train their hearts out but see no real progress purely because their calorie count is way under par. To gain muscle you must consume more calories than you spend, if you don’t eat that amount you cant gain muscle, it’s as simple as that. This is even more important for Ectomorphs, because with such a high metabolism you’ll be burning calories at an accelerated rate even without intense exercise.

Having made the case for a high calorie count, it’s important to note that this is not a licence to eat anything, taking on food is not just about calories, its also about the quality of those calories so good food choices are absolutely essential.

2. You Aren’t Training For Muscle Mass

Even if you’re lifting weights 3-4 times per week, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your training regime is right for gaining muscle mass. Hypertrophy is a specific outcome stimulated through training in the correct rep ranges at the correct intensity using the correct exercises, if any one of these factors is not spot on it can massively detract from your gains. Sure, everyone gets easy gains when they first start training, but after a few months the results slow down and the training needs to be more specified to continue to yield results.

3. You Don’t Change Your Program Frequently Enough

Our bodies are extremely intelligent and adaptive survival machines, this means that it is built into our core DNA to adapt to physical stressors and make them easier to handle. This means that we have to keep our bodies in an ‘overreaching’ state in order to see continued muscle gain. What this means practically for your workout is that an array of different training splits, rep ranges, exercise choices and training styles need to be incorporated to reach the maximum of your genetic potential for muscle size. Typically an athlete should change training regimes every 4-6 weeks, too much longer than that and you will be putting your muscle gains in jeopardy.

4. You Don’t Rest Well Enough

You’ve probably heard this before but its worth mentioning again, you don’t get big in the gym, you get big when you rest! This is a hugely important factor in training for muscle size, you can train harder than anyone, but if you don’t get your sleep, train too frequently or lead an overly stressful lifestyle you just wont be able to gain size, not only that, but more than likely you will end up pushing yourself into fatigue and getting sick.

5. You Do Too Much Cardio

Properly rotated hypertrophy training will give you all of the benefits of cardio training whilst still stimulating a muscle gain response, Ectomorph men that do too much cardio can seriously reduce their muscle gains by doing too much cardio. Don’t get me wrong there is a place for cardio in any workout program, but if muscle mass is your priority, you really do need to build your training program around your resistance training.

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