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Put an end to guesswork and frustration with a bespoke training plan from an expert personal trainer.

"Following the wrong training program is like trying to drive 100-miles in second gear with your handbrake on, let me optimise your routine for you and fast track your progress"
- Scott

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Online Personal Training
Scott Laidler offering online personal training solutions

How It Works

  • Online Personal Training


    Upon sign-up you will receive a comprehensive questionnaire to help me understand your goals, circumstances and preferences

  • Online Personal Training

    Training Program

    I will sit down with the information you've given me and create your bespoke training program. This will bring an end to guesswork for you

  • Online Personal Training

    Meal Plan

    Your custom meal plan for you calculated to the exact caloric and macronutrient intake for your goals with full recipes and weekly shopping list

  • Online Personal Training

    iOS/Android APP

    You'll be able to access your plan directly on your phone where you can upload pictures, measurements + sync with wearable fitness devices

  • Online Personal Training

    Daily Support

    Your Program includes an onboarding call to discuss your program and your expected results. Plus a monthly review call, weekly check-in and unlimited daily instant messaging support

  • Online Personal Training

    Beyond Fitness

    As part of building an overall healthier lifestyle I can also set and track custom habits such as water intake, intermittent fasting and meditation sessions. I can also provide accountability for additional lifestyle goals you would like to set

Online Personal Training

The Workout Program

  • A Truly Bespoke Approach

    Your program will be created from scratch as your personal blueprint for success in fitness. This means no more wasted time, money, and effort following generic programs and diets that don't deliver.

  • Achieve Multiple Fitness Goals

    I specialise in body recomposition, meaning I will show you how to lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously, but its not all about aesthetics we'll also optimise your fitness and enhance your mobility.

  • Ongoing Education

    Every aspect of your training program will be fully explained beginning with an onboarding call to explain your program and the results I expect to see, as well as the methodology behind your unique plan.

balanced diet plan with fresh healthy food on the table
Online Personal Training

The Meal Plan

  • Individual Calorie Intake
    + Macro Split

    Each day's caloric intake and macronutrient split will reflect your unique body type and the workout you will be doing each day.

  • Nutritionial

    Our in-house nutritionists will build a nutrient rich, delicious meal plan. Following the meal plan alone would allow you to lose fat and feel great.

  • Easy To

    Your meal plans come with cooking instructions and weekly shopping lists to make your meal planner easy to follow and avoid skipped meals.

Delicious Healthy Food

Real Meals Posted By My Clients

Get To Know Your Coach

My Story

Scott Laidler and friends on a bike ride

I Was Frustrated With My Results Too....

My online coaching service is the culmination of 12 years of experience working at the highest level as a personal trainer. During this time I've learned not just how to help my clients achieve amazing physical transformations, but also how to stay in that condition year-round. Life is rarely as simple as having a clear 12 weeks free to train, in reality, we have work to do, families to spend time with, and relationships to maintain not to mention navigating the unforeseen spanners thrown at us by life which means an effective training program must be adaptable and still deliver in turbulent times.For me, delivering impressive body transformations is great, but my work doesn't end there, I encourage my clients to invest in their long term health so we never make compromises for short-term gain, which rules out yo-yo dieting, calorie restriction, questionable supplements and over-exercise.

Whilst I've now delivered over 10,000 hours of personal fitness coaching in person and helped thousands of people achieve their fitness goals online, that's not where my fitness journey started. Like you, there was a time when my relationship to fitness was full of frustration, wasted effort, and guesswork. Discovering the many variables that can be optimised on an individual basis to achieve results took me years of trial and error and countless hours of study but eventually paid dividends I had the keys to achieving the body I had always wanted. Equipped with these insights I was able to do this for my clients too.

As a coach, I've come to understand that my highest held ideal is helping others solve problems I've worked tirelessly to solve for myself, which is why this is not just another preset training program, it's an interactive coaching service and I'll be working with you personally to help you unlock your true potential.


This Could Be you...



Ready To Leave Guesswork Behind?

2023 Start Dates:

Monday 11th December: 3 Spaces
Thursday 14th December: 5 Spaces
Updated: Monday 4th December

12 Week Training Packages:

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Frequently Asked Questions

My Online personal training service is a comprehensive fitness coaching approach that involves my drawing twelve years of experience as a personal trainer to design an individual workout program and custom meal plan that will help you achieve your goals and transform your body in swift yet healthy fashion, and I believe most importantly in a way that you can actually maintain, by establishing lasting lifestyle habits

Your program will be designed on a bespoke basis based on you providing me information about your exercise history, current fitness levels, personal logistics (by way of gym access, home fitness equipment etc). Remember that whilst there are some great governing principles with regards to exercise and nutrition, my service seeks to combine the exact set of variables that will give you the confidence that your program is going to work for you, essentially my role is to remove all guesswork from your health and fitness pursuits and give you the confidence that perhaps for the first time, every effort you take from here on is contributing to your success. If you would like to discuss what your tailor-made fitness program would include, feel free to book an initial consultation call with me now.

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Online Personal Training
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Online Personal Training
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