Hello Podcast! On this episode of the show, I have an absolute treat! I was fortunate enough to sit down with Olympic gold medalist and one of the UK’s greatest and most loved athletes Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill. It was an excellent opportunity to get insights into how Jessica was able to control her mind and body to perform at the very highest level, we also discuss how family life affects performance and Jessica’s transition from performance to wellness after retirement from sport.

Like most athletes Jessica’s career has followed a wave of highs and lows, most notably for her having to pull out of the Olympics in 2008 after injuring her foot, then working towards a comeback and full fitness and strength. All her hard work and determination paid off when she won Gold at the World Championships in 2009, and she continued on a skyward spiral of more awards and achievements culminating in winning a Gold Medal for the UK in the Olympic Games at home in 2012, cement her place in sporting history. 

In 2014, Jessica became and mother and with that she was once again faced with a battle to come back to full fitness and strength, with a whole new set of obstacles in her way. 

I sit with Jessica to talk through her amazing career and list of achievements and hear why now she is helping other women through pregnancy and motherhood, gain fitness and confidence in their changing bodies. 

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