Hello Guys, Today I welcome onto the show Dr. Leah Totton.

Dr. Totton was famously the winner of the 2013 season of BBC One’s The Apprentice, and her subsequent step into the entrepreneurial world as she went into business with Lord Alan Sugar. Dr Leah began her career as an NHS doctor and turned her focus to aesthetic procedures when a member of her family had a terrible experience with unsafe botox injections. This inspired her to not only to open her own cosmetic clinics but to educate the public, being a spokesperson for safety and advocating improved integrity within the cosmetic industry.

From humble roots in Northern Island, Leah grew up determined to focus on achieving well in academic to be able to achieve her dreams of becoming a doctor, but her drive was also financial gain, and dream of having control to better her life for herself and her family.

I chat with Leah about her experience as a doctor and stepping into the world of the ‘celebrity’ on The Apprentice, what drives her professionally and her take on being the best version of yourself.

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