Podcast  —  May 30, 2019

Ep17. Goal-Setting, Manifesting Your Intentions + Balancing Family & Business With Theragun Founder Dr. Jason Wersland

On this episode of the show, I welcome chiropractor, entrepreneur and inventor Dr Jason Wersland. We discuss how to set goals for life and business, how Jason balances his family life with a growing global business. This is an excellent conversation where we really dive deep on the spiritual elements of business and contribution alongside Jason’s long-held personal development habits and routines. Jason is the inventor of the Theragun, a percussion therapy device that is taking many people out of pain.

Email: DJW@theragun.com.

Website: https://www.theragun.com/

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Dr Jason Wersland

  • How Jason invented the Theragun in response to a motorcycle accident to relieve himself of crippling pain
  • The theory that your career is your sport, and whether you are a professional athlete or an accountant, you are doing that for 8 hours a day, so maintaining mobility and flexibility so you can continue doing your job comfortably is vital.
  • How Theragun, maximises performance gains, releases tension, increases blood flow and brings glycogen to the muscle or joint, helping to improve longevity and perform at your highest level.
  • Jason’s experience of a being chiropractor and being an entrepreneur at the same time.
  • Jason’s personal development journey and his drive to be the best human he can be in all aspects of his life.
  • The importance of self-talk.
  • The acknowledgement that sacrifice is necessary to help you get things you want in life.
  • Jason’s experience of ‘failure’, filing bankruptcy, selling everything he had, getting a divorce, and the realisation that the only solution was to keep on going.
  • Becoming addicted to making goals.  
  • The power of positivity and acknowledging when the universe works in your favour.
  • Examples of using the Theragun to treat real symptoms and pain.



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