Podcast  —  June 05, 2019

Ep18. Running Africa – How Brendan Rendall Went From Party Boy To Endurance Phenom In The Name of Charity

I have a real treat for you on this episode of the podcast. Brendan Rendall joins me to tell his story of being touched by encountering Poverty in Malawi and transforming from a self-confessed ‘party boy’ to taking on the challenge of running across the entire content of Africa for charity. We also discuss how to break down huge goals into bitesize steps & how establishing a powerful ‘why’ makes achieving any goal possible.

Brendan has changed his life around from someone who would like to party all weekend and who was heavily into drugs and alcohol, to someone who switched up his lifestyle entirely and is now a sporting hero, taking on challenges all over the world and helping to raise money for charity.

We hear about Brendan’s transformation into a more confident adult who was capable of more than he himself estimated and changing his mindset into wanting to give back in his own community but also across the world.

Brendan’s website: http://brendanrendall.com/

Polar: https://www.polar.com/uk-en/vantage/v


Fomo Charity: http://www.fomo.co.uk/


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Brendan Rendall

  • What kick-started Brendan’s journey into fitness and running.


  • Why Brendan began training for his first run in the dark and wearing hoody.


  • What factors of his background have helped shape him into the athlete he is today.  


  • Brendan’s change of perspective on his own life, and the realisation of how much he can easily take for granted and how lucky he is.


  • Brendan’s experience running in Malawi and witnessing the intense extreme poverty.


  • Who are FOMO (Friends of Mulanje Orphans), and what they do.


  • Falling ill in the middle of a challenge, and what motivated him to get up and continue.


  • Brendan’s acknowledgement of self-belief and confidence being key for success.


  • The nutritional support and planning that is needed when he is running multiple marathons, day after day.


  • The pressure change of planning a challenge into UK, compared with planning a run in Africa, including the logistics of how and where you will sleep and go to the toilet…and having to even factor in poisonous snakes and lions on your journey.


  • Brendan’s most extreme challenge, and moments where he found it hardest.


  • Brendan’s experience of kindness around the world while completing his challenges.


  • Changes Brendan is making with his training, incorporating his polar watch, to be the best athlete he can be.


  • Announcing his next challenges.


  • Living a minimalist lifestyle without social media and smartphone.   



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