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I’ve long been planning to launch a podcast, I’ve been fascinated by the subject matter of my new podcast, which I’ll go into in a moment, for the majority of my life. I’ve also been well networked enough to have launched this podcast years ago, but the truth is I hadn’t developed the skillsets to be able to reliably deliver, which is why I’ve never really been prominent on social media until now. I always saw the production element as a barrier, given limited time because of a busy coaching schedule,  but through the help of some close friends, I’ve developed new skill sets in audio, video and editing and I’m ready to launch.

I’ve long known that I haven’t been putting out enough content to deliver my work to enough people, and I’ve been back and forth on the kind of material I would like to put out, after careful consideration, I decided that whilst creating further exercise videos and workouts is very valuable content, It’s not something I feel I have the desire to be a world leader at, and I think that’s an important truth.

I feel like with long-form conversations and short informative videos I’ve found ‘my lane’ so to speak. My podcast (and accompanying youtube channel) will focus on all-things Health, psychology and business –  because these are my core passions in life. Whilst some episodes may seem like a departure from my work as a personal trainer or health coach, others will be directly related to exercise and nutrition all of them however I feel will inform my ability to be the best coach I can be, and hopefully provide at least one moment of insight or actionable tip per episode, that is the intention I set out with for each conversation.

At the time of writing this short passage, I’ve recorded my first 22 episodes, and it’s been a huge learning curve I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the process and I’m very motivated to deliver a lot of value through inspiring conversations and actionable tips. I’ve interviewed several Olympians, professional athletes, world record-breaking adventurers, philanthropists, multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, mental health campaigners, tv stars and many other inspiring individuals and each one of them has been gracious enough to reflect on their lives and careers with me in order to pull out the most useful and inspiring insights for my audience (you!)

This is a project I’m in for the long haul, and I hope the conversations bring you insight, joy and inspiration.

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