Dmitriy Burtsev

“Wow didn’t realise I looked so good (thank you) Love Annie”Annie

Annie decided to take on my services at the 6 week mark of her Husband’s Rick’s training program, we had been getting great results and since they were eating together it made a lot of sense to take the plunge together. Annie wasn’t new to exercise by any means, she had taken on a course of training with other personal trainers and indeed other online personal trainers, she noted that whilst things would often start well, her coaches tended to loose interest and run out of ideas half way through the program.

I wanted to stabilise Annie’s diet first of all and establish a non-inflammatory, gluten and dairy free diet that would get her feeling full of energy and naturally allow her to lean out without even changing her exercise regime.

Next i asked Annie to stop her long morning hard runs and replace them with lower intensity fat burning walks. This translated to a lot less accumulated fatigue meaning she had a lot more to give in the weight room. We moved through 24 weeks of strength training I specifically designed for Annie’s home gym and also the rep ranges, rest periods and exercise selection were designed for the female physique in mind. Annie told me that after our program that at the age 44 she is in the best shape ever.