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Adam Batchelor's story

Dmitriy Burtsev

The guidance from Scott was just what I needed. I was tired with my old gym routine, the motivation and results I once had were slowly draining away. Scott introduced me to several amazing new ways of exercising which I immediately found challenging yet fun. This new approach also felt more “real”, as if this is the way the body should be exercising, rather than being locked on a treadmill or cross trainer. I feel great and can see the results in the mirror.

Sarah Palmer's story

Dmitriy Burtsev

I was only really interested in going on a diet before I was referred to Scott by a friend, he assured me a diet wasn’t necessary and all we had to do was tweak a few items on my grocery list, I’ve now lost over 10lbs in two months and Scott calls me a ‘reborn fitness nut’ thanks Scott, I think?!

Helen Croydon's story

Dmitriy Burtsev

As an already-established fitness addict, I was running out of new challenging exercises for my strength sessions. I wanted to build more muscle mass and strength but without compromising my cardio training since I’m such a keen runner too. Scott gave me a whole new approach to try with much heavier weights and slower movements and a load of pryometrics to throw in. He goes through diet breakdown in great detail too, and other lifestyle factors. It’s great to see a trainer taking a holistic approach!

Olivia Ebeling's story

Dmitriy Burtsev

I really enjoyed my session with Scott and was impressed how much he incorporated my exercise preferences into the training. Although I already had a fairly good level of fitness, he helped me to iron out mistakes in my technique and identified a rather significant lack of flexibility which was holding me back in achieving my desired results. Most importantly, his calm and gentle approach made training with an expert of his caliber a lot of fun and not scary (like I expected) at all.

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