Dmitriy Burtsev

“Scott’s training program completely revolutionised my ideas of how to keep myself in shape, I actually train less, eat more and I’m bigger and leaner. loving it!” Richard

Richard joined my online coaching program as a last resort after trying training plan after training plan for some five years after leaving university. Richard had become progressively disillusioned with a lack of results despite training hard day after day.

Taking a look through Richard’s previous 12 months of training, it was clear that he had been using the same typical 4 day split routine he had been using for years, he wasn’t tracking his workouts and the diet he was consuming meant he was always tired, hungry and irritable.

We decided that the best plan of action was to completely overhaul both his training and dietary intake, moving to total body volume workouts and intermittent fasting. I also made some adjustments to his supplement regime, he’d been taking way too many different products that were a waste of money and actually working against him, we introduced BCAA to protect his muscle whilst fasting and some ZMA for better sleep.

12 weeks of dedicated training later, Rich had felt that he had ‘levelled up’ (He loves computer games) not only did he look better, he felt better and also reported that both men and women had started to treat him differently.