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The Benefits of Online Personal Training

When i entered the fitness industry ten years ago, the likelihood of finding the perfect personal trainer for you amounted to little more than pot luck. Generally you would go to the local gym and sign up with the first personal trainer that approached you on the gym floor or be recommended to the gym receptionist’s favourite trainer. This really told you very little about the trainer you would be working with, there was no real detail on background, expertise, personal conduct and health and fitness ethics. Back then, trainers had to do little more than keep themselves in great shape to promote their business.

But with the explosion of the internet, trainers were able to convey a lot more about themselves via their webpage. This meant showing before and after photos, listing achievements and being able to display their training philosophy through blog posts and social media. Before long technology had evolved to the point that personal training services could actually be delivered online.

Customising some workout programs for the latest group of people joining my online personal training program this afternoon… Customisation is the key to success, far too many people are following training plans they’ve seen in books and magazines that don’t deliver results because they just aren’t custom. If you want a program that will work for you, you have to consider the following… Gender – men and women have strengths and weaknesses in different areas of fitness our hormonal differences mean that our programs needed to be constructed in a specific way Body Type – No one is a pure body type but we all have tendencies toward one or another. Each body type has its own profile and will need to be trained in a way that best suits it’s individual makeup Training history – The training program you should do next hugely depends on the training you have done in the past, some regimes will be too easy, others too hard and some just too similar. Age – I don’t buy into the whole decline with age thing, but bodies do change and so do priorities. After a certain age factors like mobility and core strength become more important and it’s better to address them as prevention rather than remedy Calorie Manipulation – I don’t do diets, but clever manipulation of calories and macronutrients is the real key to fast fat loss and lean muscle gain, there’s no point eating the same amount each day when you train in some and not others. Next time you prepare a training plan for yourself take these factors into account and you stand to get results much faster than before. Taking a week to prepare and then following a tailored plan is often a better use of time than hitting it hard today with a program that’s not right for you. Checkout the link on my bio if you would like me to create a custom program that’s right for you. ??

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For me personally, I had reached a certain level of demand with my one on one online personal training services which brought more opportunities for international work and media obligations, which made it difficult to keep a regular schedule with my London personal training clients, I realised that no matter where I was in the world I would always have time in transit to deliver a lot of value to an online personal training client. All it takes is a google of ‘online personal trainer’ or ‘Online fitness program’ and you’ll find dozens of personal trainers, who are offering fitness services and programs to an online audience.

Below I’ll expand on some of the benefits of online personal training:

  • Cost Effective

When you compare in-person fitness training vs online personal training the cost advantages of online training are undeniable. Especially when you consider that many of the top online personal trainers out there charge more per one hour session than they do for an entire 12 week training course sold online on their websites!

This is because with the demands of a packed schedule it becomes less and less feasible to offer in-person training, and despite the fact that we love doing it, most trainers aim to reach the most amount of people possible by turning to the internet for the opportunity to reach a global audience. It’ not just the starting costs that you need to consider though, for example lets say you want to complete a total body transformation and you decide you’ll train four times per week, it’s not unrealistic to expect that (depending on your starting point) that a total body transformation could take as long as 24 weeks. 

So let’s do the math, based on a £50 1 hour session (about the average entry level point here in London)

4 x 50 = £200 Per week 

£200 x 24 = £4800 

Wow! thats nearly £5000 which Is almost 10 times what it would cost you for my online services, and I know there are many others out there at a similar price point.

  • Access World Experts

The world’s leading fitness experts are located all over the globe, before the rise of online fitness training it would have been near impossible, or at least extremely expensive to work with a leading coach that didn’t live in your city, now with the internet you can reach anyone, anywhere!

This is extremely useful if you are seeking the expertise of an expert in a particular field, for example film role preparation, olympic lifting or even training for a specific sport. All it takes is a quick search on google and you may find the perfect coach for you located on the other side of the world. 

  • More Comprehensive Service

Online fitness is a very competitive market and as a customer you stand only to benefit from the competition that will drive online trainers to constantly evolve their services. Year on year online fitness courses get more comprehensive with great programs and meal planners beautifully prepared with world class information. 

Unfortunately this is not always the case with one on one personal training and you often don’t know the kind of service you are going to receive until you are a few weeks into your program. Few independent trainers can offer around the clock customer support whereas for most online personal training services this is commonplace.

  • Proven Results

Personal trainers who have risen to prominence online have often done this by showcasing the effectiveness of their services through enthusiastic testimonials and training reviews from past and current clients, this puts you the consumer in a very powerful position. 

Remember it’s more than money you stand to lose with a poor quality service, it’s your time and effort too and unfortunately unlike money that can never be recaptured, this is especially important if you have a pressing event or holiday just beyond the horizon. Failure to achieve the results you’ve set your heart on can be crushing emotionally, so seeking expert guidance from the offset is very important.

Some Results from my own personal training services:

dean online personal training transformation   transformation2

 12 week body transformation with Scott laidler    Annie 24 week transformation online personal training

  • No Time or Location Constraints

By enlisting the services of an online fitness coach you have complete freedom over your workout time and location, this way you don’t have to worry about syncing schedules with your trainer or fitting the gym around an ever changing work day.

Online training allows you to have your workout schedule and meal plan in the palm of you hand on your mobile device are synced up with your desktop computer leaving you totally in control.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some frequently asked questions associated with online personal training, other online coaches may answer slightly differently so I’m answering based on the

Q. How will you customise my training program to me? What information do you need?

A.  Upon sign up you’ll be sent several documents that will request information on your previous exercise history, training goals and the logistically set up you have around you i.e if you have access to a gym, work an unorthodox shift pattern or any ongoing injuries. With regard to nutrition you will fill out a form that tells me exactly what your food preferences are and whether you are currently experiencing any G.I problems at all, I’ll use this information alongside a food diary to determine the best foods to include in your meal plan.

I’ll also ask you to take a very quick fitness test upon sign up so that I can make sure That I start you out on a training program that is going to match your current level of fitness and conditioning.

Q. How much contact will I have with you? 

A. Upon signing up to your online training course, we’ll have an initial Skype session to discuss your training plan and go through any questions you have. Following on from that we will have direct email contact as frequently as is needed. My team of trainings will also be checking in with you on a weekly basis even without being prompted, just to make sure all is going well and your motivation is kept high.

Q. I’ve seen a lot of cookie cutter programs, how bespoke will my program be? 

A. Your Online personal training program will be completely bespoke, each workout is tailored to your training goal and exercise experience. Nutritionally each meal will be tailored to your food preferences and you caloric intake will be calculated to your body type, your goal and the amount of surplus or deficit that would be neccesary to achieve your goals. Your macronutrients will also be rotated on a day by day basis depending on the type of training (or rest) you’ll be doing on a given day.

I also have some preset training programs on my website that I have tried and tested over ten years in the fitness industry Those programs are available here and are generally at a lower price point than the bespoke service.

Q. How long do you think I will need to train with you? 

A. That depends on your starting point and the gravity of the goal you would like to achieve. Some people just need a 6 week health kick to help them establish some healthy habits. Others who are coming off of a long lay off or need to lose a significant amount of weight require a longer training course of perhaps 24-32 weeks.

Q. Can I be a beginner to fitness and still use this service? 

A. Absolutely, as an online personal training customer you will have access to a full video library that will explain exactly how to perform each exercise in your program.

Each meal on your meal planner will also come with full cooking instructions and a comprehensive recipe to ensure there is no guess work in the kitchen either.

Q. After I sign up how quickly can I get started? 

A. Demand is generally quite high, and each training regime is written from scratch so please allow 3-5 working days for the creation of your online training program

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