A 6 week guide to healthy eating

Let’s not mince our words, diets don’t work. By definition cutting calories in order to lose weight and then returning to old habits is only going to lead to temporary loses in weight (usually water and muscle).
Most people then put even more weight than they lost back on after returning to normal eating habits. This in turn leads to a loss of motivation and ever growing frustration as to why their efforts are going unrewarded.

Perfect for people who are:

  • Never knowing what to eat
  • Fed up with dieting and getting no results
  • Hate the feeling of being carb depleted lacking energy all day
  • Lack of energy leading to over reliance on caffeine
  • Not knowing which carbs to eat and when
  • Frustrated at never being at the correct weight


Most people can reach their optimal weight and lose a huge amount of body fat by simply opting for high quality, nutrient dense foods, getting rid of junk food, breaking their reliance on coffee and putting and end to over-indulgence of alcohol. These changes alone can transform your physique, all without counting a single calorie.

The Anti-Diet is a comprehensive yet simple to follow guide to eating healthily and maintaining your idea weight. The guide in packed with 6 weeks worth or healthy and nutrient rich meals that taste great. Losing weight doesn’t have to be a nightmare, eating the foods that do your body good and keeping an active lifestyle will restore optimal weight quickly and automatically.

Vibrant Energy

After a couple of weeks on the anti-diet program most people report a dramatic rise in energy levels, this is because I ask you to stop drinking caffeine and alcohol throughout the program, not because it is inherently bad or is always going to be banned, but purely because so many of us are so reliant on stimulants for energy, we really have no idea how much energy we actually have. Not only is this a worrying place to be, constantly relying on stimulants can lead to adrenal fatigue which will make it even harder to lose weight! This 6 week plan will recharge your body and put you back in charge of your energy stores.
  • The anti diet is a comprehensive guide to healthy eating without dieting

    All of the meals within this program are fully packed with nutrients and designed to balance blood sugar, with this approach to healthy eating there is no need to count calories.

  • Learn about carbs, proteins and fats, what they do and the best foods to source them from

    The anti-diet is not just a healthy eating program, it is also intended as a basic education in nutrition allowing you to make informed choices wherever you are.

  • Full 6 week meal plan with delicious and easy to follow recipes

    The anti-diet comes with a full 6 week meal planner and recipe preparation notes to make your transition to healthy eating as smooth as possible.

  • Flexible meal plans all meals are healthy so you can rotate them as you see fit.

    Because all of the meals in the program are extremely healthy and we are not counting calories you can rotate and switch meals at any time based on your personal preferences.

  • Full shopping list for each week for ease of use

    I’ve taken all the hard work out of your weekly shop by including a full shopping list for each week of the course so you can keep your cupboards fully stocked be prepared for each day ahead of time.

Just £9.99 to change the way you eat forever, that’s less than £2 per week! Not even a cappuccino*

*which you wont need on this program anyway