Corporate Wellness Programs

Optimising health and boosting performance at work and beyond

Health Forever Ltd draws on our teams decade of experience working at the highest level of health and fitness to deliver workplace based solutions to improving health, boosting performance and avoiding burnout to create, happy, strong and vibrant individuals, coming together to make a more inspired and resilient workforce for your organisation.

We approach the needs of each client on a bespoke basis offering solutions, depending on your goal and the level of intervention our clients would like us to make on their behalf, whether this means helping educate your workforce on how to eat, move and think in a healthier way or whether you would like a complete overhaul of your corporate wellness culture.


We offer a wide range of health and fitness services all of which work toward a healthier and more productive workforce. Services range from a series of workplace workshops to a range of online health programs that are monitored remotely by our highly experienced team.

Our health & fitness solutions provide long-term and sustained improvements in health and significant boosts in workplace performance. Benefits of implementing our coaching service include the following:

For The Organization
  • Increased profits
  • Enhanced employee engagement
  • More robust workforce, resilient to stress and illness
  • Less employee sickness
  • Improved loyalty and retention
  • Decreased absence and lateness
  • Increased productivity
For The Employee
  • Take the guesswork out of health and fitness
  • Understand proper workplace posture
  • Help to avoid lower back and neck issues related to a sedentary lifestyle
  • Lower risk factors for a number of health ailments
  • Improve strength, mobility, muscular endurance, fitness and co-ordination through our exercise program
  • Understand how to eat in a way to reduce body fat and systemic inflammation
  • Reduce Stress through mindfulness practice

Our Services

We provide a bespoke approach to workplace wellness and create a package to suit the individual needs of our clients. Each package focuses on enhancing the health of the employee and the overall efficiency and morale of the organisation.
Flagship Online Fitness Courses & Coaching
Our flagship wellness service is our online training resource. We offer a comprehensive cloud based health and fitness resource that allows our clients to take up goal orientated fitness programs and will be given a personalised nutrition program. Every program also comes with a full exercise video library breaking down both how to do each exercise and why you are doing it. In addition to this we also offer over 100 health and fitness articles written by our Founder and head trainer Scott Laidler.
Wellbeing Presentations & Workshops
We provide workshops and presentations on many facets of a healthy lifestyle, which could mean a guide to improving your sleep, reducing stress, improving body composition, enhancing posture of numerous other skill sets and knowledge bases that serve to enhance an over healthy lifestyle. Workshops and presentations can be delivered as over lunch presentations or full, or can be the focus of an entire half / full day time slot.
LIfestyle Drop-in Days
Individual 30/60 minute consultations can be delivered to your workforce providing a unique opportunity to gain personal insight as to how their health and wellbeing practices could be modified or enhanced. Employees will have the opportunity to carry out a health & lifestyle test which includes weight, level of body fat, hydration and will be given a plan of action to make improvements. This service is best deployed on a regular basis in order to provide ongoing coaching and guidance. Many workplaces benefit from this service being delivered on a quarterly basis.
One to One Lifestyle Coaching
Empower your senior management with our comprehensive one-to-one lifestyle coaching programs. Our coaching packages include a full training program and meal planner, online and phone support and in person consultations and personal training.

About Our Founder

“After travelling the world and working with hundreds of people over the course of my career, I noticed that those that had achieved great things in their careers had often paid too high of a physical price for those achievements, I set about creating a lifestyle framework that not only allowed people to optimise their health whilst striving in their careers, but actually created a symbiotic relationship between health and ambition”
Scott Laidler
Scott Laidler has worked in the Health and Fitness industry for the last ten years, a career in which he has worked on multiple continents studying the most cutting edge trends in fitness but also learn about how to optimise health in a holistic manner, helping to avoid his clients enhance their resilience.
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