Refund Policy

This is a highly individual and interactive coaching service, as such, we offer a refund for up to 10 days after the point of purchase allowing you to get acquainted with our systems, but cannot offer refunds beyond this point due to the considerable amount of time we spend on each individual program.

Therefore requests made after the 10-day refund period will not be accepted.

Beyond the 10-day acceptable period, you can pause your program and you will not lose weeks of your course of coaching, future charges will also cease at this point until you reprise your account.

Please be aware that this is an interactive coaching service with a high level of availability to Scott, if you have a logistical change or are struggling with anything during your course of coaching send Scott a message on the fitness app and he will work with you to create either a new plan more suitable to your change in circumstance or help you re-establish your momentum.

If you are inside your 10 day refund period and wish to cancel your coaching program please email us at