S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting for Fitness & Weight Loss

  Estimated Reading Time: 12 Minutes  (updated: Friday 29th September 2023)Back in my years studying psychology, I came across a simple goal setting system that would allow one to determine whether a new goal they had would was likely to be successful. If you could set a goal that made sense and matched the S.M.A.R.T goal setting system, you could…


How To Get Fit In Your 40s

  Estimated Reading Time: 10 Minutes  (Updated 27th September 2023 by Scott Laidler)First of all, let me caveat this article by saying that at the time of writing, I’m 37 so I haven’t lived through my own 40’s just yet, but i have coached hundreds of people in their 40’s to achieve their health & fitness goals and make considerable…


How to get back into fitness after a summer holiday

  Estimated Reading Time: 12 Minutes Why You’re here If you’ve landed on this article, chances are, you’ve recently enjoyed a summer holiday and, like many of us, are facing two interrelated challenges.   Firstly, your fitness regime has taken a bit of a hit. Those early morning runs or after-work gym sessions have been replaced with leisurely lie-ins or late-night…


Are Fit People More Successful?

  Estimated Reading Time: 18 Minutes I’m going to make the case for a regular exercise practice being the single most effective strategy for career success.    Of course written by a career personal trainer as this article is, you’d be forgiven for rolling your eyes at the title and what you might assume are my motivations for writing it, but…


The Unexpected Mental Benefit of Physical Fitness

  Estimated Reading Time: 16Minutes Like many fitness beginners, my early goals were purely aesthetic. Simply put, I wanted to feel like was in shape, and as I’d never been in shape before at that point, I naturally questioned whether it was going to be possible for me.   Ultimately, through years of dedication which included countless gym hours and perhaps…


How To Gain Muscle & Lose Fat (at the same time)

Estimated Reading Time: 10 Minutes Gaining muscle mass whilst simultaneously burning body fat, is the holy grail of health and fitness. In fact it’s it’s the goal around 80% of my online personal training clients ask me to help them achieve.    This achievement is best referred to as ‘recomposition’ as it’s literally the pursuit of changing the composition of your…


How To Beat The Mid-Afternoon Slump

  Estimated Reading Time: 9Minutes It’s not an uncommon sight across the globe to observe workplaces buzzing all the way through the AM creating very productive mornings with an almost audible sense of smashing through checkmarks on to-do lists.    You may have experienced this vein of productive action yourself, and consider mornings your most effective time of the day, which…


How to find a good personal trainer or fitness coach

  Estimated Reading Time: 14 Minutes If you are reading this article, there is a very good chance that you have a health & fitness goal that means a lot to you, and you are considering enlisting the help of a personal trainer. This can be a fantastic investment, the right coach can remove guesswork and pave the way for you…


Can I get in shape in just three months?

  Estimated Reading Time: 10 Minutes It’s a question that many clients ask me – ‘Can I see good results in just 12 weeks?’ My answer: “of course, but it will depend on you.”    First of all to show what is possible in 12 weeks, Let’s highlight some of the results I have gotten with my clients…..    But whether…


How To Stay Fit Over Christmas

  Estimated Reading Time: 14 Minutes Every year many people approach the festive period excited for the fun and festivities December brings, actually as I’m writing this, I’ve just returned from a Xmas market in Exeter, UK. and there were thousands of people out eating, drinking and being merry, health & fitness concerns a million miles away.    When you’ve been…


How To Give Fitness As A Gift (A Personal Trainer’s Guide)

  Estimated Reading Time: 11 Minutes Let’s face it, gift giving can be difficult, even more so when your intended recipient already has all of the material things they need. You may find yourself  thinking outside the box with your gift giving leading you to considering a service or experiential type of gift, which brings you here and yes, fitness based…


Why Waiting Until January To Start Your 2023 Fitness Goals Is A Mistake

  Estimated Reading Time: 9 Minutes In the months running up to the festive period it can be tempting to think that it would make sense to draw a line in the sand come new year, and put off beginning a new training program until January as that will be when you can really commit to it and give it 100%…


How Mindfulness Effects Weight Loss (And Muscle Gain)

  Estimated Reading Time: 5 Minutes Mindfulness is exactly what it sounds like, being present and having conscious awareness of yourself and what is around you in this moment. Whether you are trying to maintain that throughout the day, or if you are taking time out to focus on it for a few minutes each day, simply introducing it into your…


Is a personal trainer worth it?

  Estimated Reading Time: 8 Minutes Investing in a personal trainer whether in person or online can be a costly intervention. If you already have access to a gym, or even some equipment at home, you may be asking ‘why spend money on a personal trainer when I could just plan my own workouts?’ This is a good question, and the…


Do I need a personal trainer if I already go to the gym?

  Estimated Reading Time: 14 Minutes If you have already invested in a gym membership, you might think that you won’t benefit from working with a personal trainer or indeed an online personal trainer. You already have access to all of the equipment, why would you add the additional expense of a coach on top of this?   Well if you…


Can a personal trainer help with your diet?

  Estimated Reading Time: 7 Minutes Training without adequate nutrition is like trying to drive a car with the wrong type of fuel in it – you won’t get very far. It, therefore, makes sense that the top personal trainers would look to equip their clients with the information required to improve their diet and ensure that it is designed in…


Is a personal trainer worth it for weight loss?

  Estimated Reading Time: 10 Minutes If you’re looking for a legitimate weight loss solution, it can be difficult to know where to start, even more so if you’ve already had multiple unsuccessful attempts at the goal (which is far too often the case). A quick Google on the ‘best way to lose weight’ can yield thousands of conflicting results, so…


How much does online personal training cost?

  Estimated Reading Time: 10 Minutes When looking for online personal trainers, you’re likely to find options to fit all budgets. While it can be true that online fitness coaching can be more budget-friendly than in-person sessions, the exact price is likely to vary due to a whole range of factors and service offerings.   Service providers can vary enormously. At…


Can N.E.A.T. help you burn body fat quicker?

  Estimated Reading Time: 10 Minutes Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Most of us have good intentions when it comes to working out but, with family life, work and social schedules, it can make it difficult to stay consistent with the recommended 3 hours of weekly exercise. That’s where NEAT can help.  What is N.E.A.T.?   NEAT…


How To Get Fit In Your 60s & 70s (A Personal Trainer’s Guide)

  Estimated Reading Time: 10 Minutes Exercise habits in your 60s & 70s are best approached with a view to keeping activity fun and engaging whilst not overly taxing your muscles and central nervous system. By the time we reach our 60’s we really have to begin to make a shift away from the aesthetic side of fitness and consider current…