How much does online personal training cost?


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When looking for online personal trainers, you’re likely to find options to fit all budgets. While it can be true that online fitness coaching can be more budget-friendly than in-person sessions, the exact price is likely to vary due to a whole range of factors and service offerings.


Service providers can vary enormously. At the lower end of the scale are a range of fitness apps that offer follow-along workout. There are plenty of these available on the app store, with subscriptions typically starting from around £10-15 per month.  At the other end of the scale are PT sessions, which can cost anywhere between £30 to £100 per hour.

It’s worth considering that online personal trainers typically charge a flat rate for a program or a monthly rate. Compare this to the hourly rate charged by in-person PTs, and you’re likely to see a considerable saving. But how do you ensure that you’re getting good value from an online coach?


Generally speaking online personal training is going to range from anywhere between £50-300 per month. 


Firstly, you need to establish what your requirements are. If you already have experience following a structured exercise program, and exercise is already a consistent practice for you, you may only need a trainer to remove guesswork by providing structured, follow-along workouts that you can complete independently, essentially you would be paying for an expert to provide a blueprint for you that you can have faith will help you achieve your goals if you carry it out. 

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At the other end of the scale, you might want live, remote, one-to-one sessions with a trainer of your choice - a feature which no doubt will come with a higher price tag, and your schedule will need to line up with your chosen trainer.


You should also consider the amount of support you’ll require, if you see a training program as a blueprint to follow, you may not need much support, likewise if you choose live virtual training sessions, you’ll need to ensure that your trainer is going to offer you support, and guidance outside of the hourly training slots you’ll spend together.


If you feel that you want someone on hand when you are most likely to struggle, you might want to seek a trainer that offers both a training program for you to follow and ongoing messaging or call support.

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Explore your goals and the level of support and accountability that you think you’ll require, then begin to research trainers that fit this mould. 


Another consideration is nutrition. Some trainers offer macronutrient profiles or calorie goals, while others offer comprehensive meal plans, built to facilitate your goals. This is one of many add-on features that online coaches may offer, so again, take some time to understand your own requirements. 


Some trainers may offer healthy habit tracking, ongoing support, customised training programs, progression tracking and more, so look into this in advance, as not all online personal training packages will be created equal.

If you’re unsure of your requirements, or you would like to know the most linear route to your goals, try and arrange a consultation with any prospective personal trainers to ensure that they are a good fit. Some people may just be looking to purchase a training program, but for many searching for an online personal trainer, they will be buying an ongoing coaching relationship, rather than just a product, so it’s important to ensure that you respond well to the coach’s style, and vice versa. For that reason it’s also worth considering whether you want to work with the head coach of a business or would consider working with a team member, some training apps may provide rapid responses via a team of support staff which is fantastic, but establishing a lasting coaching relationship might be challenging. 

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There are many fantastic online fitness programs and services out there, and just as if you were walking into a gym and choosing, you’ll want to make sure your online choice is a great fit for you personally and will offer the service offering that will get you to the successful completion of your health & fitness goals.