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James's story

Dmitriy Burtsev

James started my online coaching at 49 already in fantastic shape, but he always had a feeling in the back of his mind that over the course of his many years training he had fallen just short of what he imagined his peak could be. Despite working with other trainers, and trying various training programs James found that no matter how hard he trained he couldn’t break through on certain body parts, his arms for example had always been difficult to stimulate growth in.

Over the course of 24 weeks together, we were able to take James to amazing peak condition gaining a significant amount of muscle mass and bringing up what he considered his weaker muscles, I’m especially proud of what we achieved because James is going to hit 50 at less than 10% body fat not to mention sporting a movie-star physique that would rival any A-lister out there. On a personal level one of James’s motivations for his success was to showcase himself in peak condition for his children, so at the end of his program he came down to visit me at Pinewood Film Studios for a photoshoot, I’m really proud of what we achieved!

Nilantheny's story

Ghulam Jilani

Goal: Wedding Photo Preparation

Nilantheny and I had a very clear goal when we started to work together to get her to look a million dollars on her wedding day. That sounds simple, but you also have to bear in mind that when a dress is also pre-purchases many months out from a wedding we need to be sure that we calibrate our training with pinpoint accuracy to ensure that we don’t underdeliver or lose too much weight and not have the silhouette we want in the dress. Which, interestingly enough is why we actually threw the measure of weight out of the window with our approach because the outcome was very clear, LOOK a million dollars, so what we weighed on the scale was irrelevant. This meant that Nils didn’t have to eat restrictively to be where she wanted to be on her wedding day. We were able to use a combination of resistance training + HIIT to achieve fantastic results, with no dieting.

In her Own Words:


Dom's story

Dmitriy Burtsev

“With Scott’s leadership and motivational skills I was able to lose over 30 pounds, while building muscle mass in the process. This program far surpassed anything that I thought I could do.”

Annie's story

Dmitriy Burtsev

“Wow didn’t realise I looked so good (thank you) Love Annie”Annie

Annie decided to take on my services at the 6 week mark of her Husband’s Rick’s training program, we had been getting great results and since they were eating together it made a lot of sense to take the plunge together. Annie wasn’t new to exercise by any means, she had taken on a course of training with other personal trainers and indeed other online personal trainers, she noted that whilst things would often start well, her coaches tended to loose interest and run out of ideas half way through the program.

I wanted to stabilise Annie’s diet first of all and establish a non-inflammatory, gluten and dairy free diet that would get her feeling full of energy and naturally allow her to lean out without even changing her exercise regime.

Next i asked Annie to stop her long morning hard runs and replace them with lower intensity fat burning walks. This translated to a lot less accumulated fatigue meaning she had a lot more to give in the weight room. We moved through 24 weeks of strength training I specifically designed for Annie’s home gym and also the rep ranges, rest periods and exercise selection were designed for the female physique in mind. Annie told me that after our program that at the age 44 she is in the best shape ever.

Owain Yeoman's story

Dmitriy Burtsev

I have worked with a number of personal trainers during my 8 years in Los Angeles and none have proved more effective or knowledgeable than Scott – I have lost weight and gained lean muscle mass by working out with Scott and have had no hesitation in recommending him to friends and colleagues

Richard's story

Dmitriy Burtsev

“Scott’s training program completely revolutionised my ideas of how to keep myself in shape, I actually train less, eat more and I’m bigger and leaner. loving it!” Richard

Richard joined my online coaching program as a last resort after trying training plan after training plan for some five years after leaving university. Richard had become progressively disillusioned with a lack of results despite training hard day after day.

Taking a look through Richard’s previous 12 months of training, it was clear that he had been using the same typical 4 day split routine he had been using for years, he wasn’t tracking his workouts and the diet he was consuming meant he was always tired, hungry and irritable.

We decided that the best plan of action was to completely overhaul both his training and dietary intake, moving to total body volume workouts and intermittent fasting. I also made some adjustments to his supplement regime, he’d been taking way too many different products that were a waste of money and actually working against him, we introduced BCAA to protect his muscle whilst fasting and some ZMA for better sleep.

12 weeks of dedicated training later, Rich had felt that he had ‘levelled up’ (He loves computer games) not only did he look better, he felt better and also reported that both men and women had started to treat him differently.

Alyna's story

Dmitriy Burtsev

Alyna came to me with a very clear goal, she had been thinking for some time about starting a modelling career and wanted to ensure that she had some expert advice to make sure she created a look that she could use for fitness, meant that we needed to sculpt a strong, yet feminine physique.

Alyna is also just 20 years old, so from a physique creation point of a view I didn’t feel that we were in a rush, and not just that I also wanted to make sure I steered her away from any crash dieting or unsustainable lifestyle practices that would set her off with a bad relationship with food or exercise. Alyna was really intrigued as to how the meals on her meal plan were so diverse and actually tasted good. In fact she enjoyed her training process so much that she’s actually decided to enter the fitness and health food industry. The picture below is from Alyna’s first photoshoot, which I was able to prepare her for and coach
her through on the day.

Vyn's story

Dmitriy Burtsev

When Vyn was recommended to me by a previous customer, he explained to me that as an active Fire-fighter he was already fit and strong, but the demands of his shift pattern meant that his meals nutrition was hard to plan and his meal times could be tricky to guarantee. Vyn has been growing more and more frustrated by getting fitter but not being able to get into peak aesthetic condition. After working together for the first 3-4 weeks we established some habits that would be ‘low hanging fruit’ for him. I then created a very simple to prepare meal plan, that he could easy prepare on shift in a batch and store for the 4 days he was on shift. We used very taxing volume training to recompose slowly over 24 weeks, I knew that Vyn could recover from the intense training because his four days off would be taken at his own pace. The photo below showcases Vyn’s results after his 6 months training with me, plus the 10 days we took to prepare for a photoshoot.

Lyn's story

Dmitriy Burtsev

“My training program helped me lean out and get beach ready after I moved to LA, the meals were great too, thanks Scott” Lyn

Tom's story

Ghulam Jilani

With the fortune of having Scott at my disposal, I signed up for a 5k swim in Ireland. That’s just over 3 miles, so a greater distance than last year. But most importantly, I wanted to swim faster, swim stronger, and raise plenty of money for the UK’s leading brain injury charity, Headway UK. Scott’s plan worked perfectly in the lead-up to race day. The swim training he’d devised had me peak at a good time – I was swimming the full 5k distance in practice 10 days before the race itself and feeling good. I felt the training was so beneficial that I’ve signed up to do another 5k later this year, and I know sticking to a lot of Scott’s advice will stand me in good stead for that

Jas's story

Dmitriy Burtsev

“I am really pleased and impressed with what I’ve been able to achieve so far, never been fitter and leaner and healthier.” Jas

Kierston Wareing's story

Dmitriy Burtsev

Since meeting Scott, it’s the first time I’ve ever enjoyed training in a gym. Time passes quickly and the sessions are varied. He also provides a rounded service, focusing on nutrition as well as exercise so that I achieve my goals quicker. I’m definitely seeing a difference and getting more toned which is exactly what I wanted.

Lauren Smith's story

Dmitriy Burtsev

I really enjoyed my session with Scott – he’s calm, collected and listens to what you want out of a personal training experience. He’s also really encouraging and doesn’t make you feel crap like a lot of personal trainers – telling me to focus on toning my arms and improving posture for my wedding day rather than saying I needed to lose a load of weight. But the thing I enjoyed the most was the actual workouts – we had enough rest in between sets that I felt strong and enjoyed my session rather than collapsing in a sweaty heap – but boy, did I feel it the next day!

Natalie's story

Dmitriy Burtsev

“I am over the moon with the results, this has actually changed the way I see food and how much I enjoy exercising.” Natalie

Helen Croydon's story

Dmitriy Burtsev

As an already-established fitness addict, I was running out of new challenging exercises for my strength sessions. I wanted to build more muscle mass and strength but without compromising my cardio training since I’m such a keen runner too. Scott gave me a whole new approach to try with much heavier weights and slower movements and a load of pryometrics to throw in. He goes through diet breakdown in great detail too, and other lifestyle factors. It’s great to see a trainer taking a holistic approach!

Olivia Ebeling's story

Dmitriy Burtsev

I really enjoyed my session with Scott and was impressed how much he incorporated my exercise preferences into the training. Although I already had a fairly good level of fitness, he helped me to iron out mistakes in my technique and identified a rather significant lack of flexibility which was holding me back in achieving my desired results. Most importantly, his calm and gentle approach made training with an expert of his caliber a lot of fun and not scary (like I expected) at all.

Krissi Murison's story

Dmitriy Burtsev

I first came to see Scott while I was preparing to ride in an amateur horse race, which requires a lot of core, leg and arm strength.

Up until that point, I had been a total couch potato, so was horrified about the prospect of showing myself up in a gym. I needn’t have been. Scott is incredibly understanding and reassuring. Not that he went easy on me – after just three sessions, I was amazed to see and feel a difference!
Now, I see Scott for an hour once a fortnight to work on general toning and fitness. The sessions are fun, varied and full of ideas for work-outs I can practice in my own time too. One year on from my first session, my energy levels are up, my waist size is down and I feel stronger and healthier than ever before

Sarah Palmer's story

Dmitriy Burtsev

I was only really interested in going on a diet before I was referred to Scott by a friend, he assured me a diet wasn’t necessary and all we had to do was tweak a few items on my grocery list, I’ve now lost over 10lbs in two months and Scott calls me a ‘reborn fitness nut’ thanks Scott, I think?!

Julia Smurthwaite's story

Dmitriy Burtsev

Uber helpful. Best fitness expert I’ve spoken to in a long while. He gave me lots of original tips.… It is always refreshing to speak to someone with ideas and interest.

Adam Batchelor's story

Dmitriy Burtsev

The guidance from Scott was just what I needed. I was tired with my old gym routine, the motivation and results I once had were slowly draining away. Scott introduced me to several amazing new ways of exercising which I immediately found challenging yet fun. This new approach also felt more “real”, as if this is the way the body should be exercising, rather than being locked on a treadmill or cross trainer. I feel great and can see the results in the mirror.

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