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Health Focused Online Life CoachingHealth Focused Online Life Coaching

    How It works

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      Contact me

      Contact me to discuss the area of your life in which you would like help, focus or clarity

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      Plan of action

      I will come back to you with how I think my life coahing service can help and propose a plan of action

    • Health Focused Online Life Coaching

      Choose your package

      We’ll get you started either on a session by session basis or as part of one of my packages.

    • Health Focused Online Life Coaching

      Short on-boarding process

      There will be a short on-boarding process where I gather as much information about your goals and current situation as I can to utilise our time together as much as possible

    • Health Focused Online Life Coaching

      Starting the coaching process

      We will start our coaching process where you will have regular calls and unlimited instant messaging support.

    My Life Coaching Process is influenced by…

    Health Focused Online Life Coaching


    Although I encourage my clients to set lofty goals for their achievement, it’s important to cast aside our attachment to material possessions and their ability to define us. Stoicism helps keep us grounded, more resilient in the midst of situations we cannot control and helps us develop character through voluntarily embracing regular periods of hardship and sacrifice.

    Health Focused Online Life Coaching


    Ikigai is the Japanese principle that relates to our ‘reason for being’ loosely, your Ikigai is the intersection of what you love, what the world needs, what you are competent at and what you can be paid for. Discovering your Ikigai can ignite the pursuit of a meaningful vocation. In essence discovering your Ikigai can be likened to unravelling what will make your life worthwhile, by your own definition.

    Health Focused Online Life Coaching

    Jungian Theory

    Carl Jung’s work was a major part of my academic development and helped me do many years of inner work on myself. I help my clients understand the significance of their unconscious motivations and help to identify where unconscious patterns and personality factors may be contributing to the current conditions of their lives.

    Health Focused Online Life Coaching

    Rogerian Therapy

    Carl Rogers’ person-centred therapy works toward life changing distinctions and moments of insight inspired by warm, welcoming and honest conversations. It is not uncommon for just one session of raw, honest conversation to lead to paradigm shifting ideas and moments of clarity.

    Health Focused Online Life Coaching

    Holistic Health Practice

    My coaching style has been strongly influenced by my 10 years working as a personal trainer at the highest level. In order to be at our best we must feel good and have plenty of energy, this is achieved by developing a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a healthy weight and personalising one’s health and fitness practices to their unique physical and genetic makeup. It’s imperative to reduce our overall levels of stress and inflammation for optimal health in the moment, as well as lowering our risk factors for future health issues.

    Why ‘Healthy Ambition’?

    Health Focused Online Life Coaching

    Over the course of my ten years in personal training I was fortunate enough to work with a selection of some of the most successful men and women on the planet, from a variety of industries including Film, Music, Banking, Recruitment and beyond.

    Whilst many of my clients had surely achieved a great deal of success in their careers, the vast majority had traded an aspect of their health during the years of hard work that were necessary to achieve at such a high level. These would manifest in problems such as Digestive issues, a lack of sleep, elevated health markers i.e blood pressure, cholesterol and resting heart rate which in turn elevate one’s risk of developing serious illness. Often, with just a handful of cutting edge lifestyle interventions and a re-thinking of the daily work schedule my clients and I were able to see great improvements in health, energy levels and performance.

    My 'healthy ambition' life coaching service allows ambitious individuals and high performers to continue to deliver at a remarkable level, whilst developing a lifestyle that aims to allow them to enjoy their success in full health.

    Who Should Work With Me?

    I work with ambitious men and women from all over the globe who acknowledge the connection between mind and body, stress and performance and would like guidance in creating a 30,000ft view of their life. Together my clients and I seek to marry work, enjoyment and health.

    Many of my life coaching clients are at the absolute pinnacle of their professions globally and are seeking to reconcile their work demands with their health. Others are at the beginning of an exciting journey and work with me to determine their ideal career and business path, to create a life of success, freedom and fulfillment.

    What I Ask of you…
    Before we work together I ask that you make a solid commitment to continued improvement, are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve your goal and speak to me honestly about how you think and feel about yourself, your opportunities and your life.

    My commitment to You….
    My commitment to you as a coach is that I will provide a highly professional and confidential coaching service for you and commit my time and efforts fully to helping you achieve your potential. I will be there to support and guide you, throughout our time working together and will work tirelessly to provide value to you in any way that I can.

    What can I help you with?
    One on One Health Coaching - The first ten years of my career were spent in the realm of personal fitness training, during that time I was able work myself into the position of being the head personal trainer on big budget film productions.

    Informed by my ten years experience training at the level, I have created a health coaching service that allows me to provide all of the benefits of personal training, but go far beyond to provide extremely comprehensive one on one health coaching. My services are supported by my colleague Dr. Olivia Lesslar, a highly respected integrative medicine doctor based on the Gold Coast of Australia. Whether you would like to take your health and physique to the next level or feel that you need some guidance on how to restore your health after working too hard or succumbing to stress in recent, weeks, months or years.

    Health Focused Online Life Coaching

    Tom Reynolds
    Tom Reynolds
    Really excellent plans and communication, really impressed and great value
    Giannis Waymouth
    Giannis Waymouth
    Thoughtful approach to both diet and exercises and responsive to injuries or other needs to recalibrate. It feels like a long term investment in health and fitness rather than a gym bunny frantic workout approach. App is good and demo videos are clear and the one to one discussions with Scott have been really helpful
    Sam Spencer
    Sam Spencer
    I spent quite a bit of time searching for local online personal training and meal plans, but nothing met what I was looking for and were very expensive. I found Scott’s website and it was exactly what I was looking for. The training plans have been challenging and the meal plans varied and delicious. After only four weeks of a twelve week program I’ve noticed the positive differences I was seeking to work towards.
    Matt Barry
    Matt Barry
    Scott is thorough and responsive. His workout and dietary programs are research-based and it's clear, even after your first meeting, that Scott knows what he's talking about. If you're a self-motivated person looking to improve your health and wellness, then Scott's program is for you.
    Micheal B
    Micheal B
    I've learned so much in my first 8 weeks of training with Scott online. My main take away in this session is its not the weight you have lost, but how your body is changing.. With that comes patience, commitment, and support. The group chats are awesome. It full of regular working folks sharing accomplishments, setbacks, and the courage to support one another to keep going forward.
    Ivan Pearce
    Ivan Pearce
    Scott is excellent, great knowledge approachable and a real asset to help you on your fitness journey.
    Sarah C
    Sarah C
    Please, do yourself a favour and send a message to Scott to get you started on his training plan. It has been the best and most important decision I have ever made. I have had the opportunity to work with Scott for about 6 months now, and I have been able to lose nearly 50lbs, which has been an eye opening experience for me. He really takes the time to learn about his clients and build a great rapport with them. Scott's skills as a trainer have helped me achieve significant improvements to my lifestyle. With his continued guidance, my lifestyle choices, self confidence and weight loss has been significant. Most importantly, he treats his clients as an individual. He applies a program tailored specifically to your needs that will help you achieve your goals, opposed to a "one size fits all" program. It is extremely reassuring knowing I have a trainer that understands what I want to achieve, while still working around the obstacles of every day life.I have fallen off course for the past month due to the holidays approaching, but I know that going into 2021 I can count on him to help me work on my goals and keep me on the right track once again! Can't recommend him enough! Thanks Scott!
    Adam Bray
    Adam Bray
    If you commit to working with Scott you’ll see the benefits in no time. Easy to follow bespoke plans each month tailored to your skill level, needs and ambition. As with everything in life you get as much as you give. If you’re looking for holistic lifestyle changes that yield remarkable results, this is the plan for you, but you need to commit 100%
    G Lennon
    G Lennon
    Can not recommend Scott enough! Before I started, I was tired all the Byrne, I suffered fatigue, like going to the GP for checks and test fatigue. I was in a HUGE rut and I could see how I could get any better. Basically my husband signed me up to PT with Scott (he was tied of hearing me complain about being tired?) i needed someone to push me. I was a little scared of the diet to start but after a week I got into the swing. Now....after 4 weeks...I cannot believe it, I NEVER EVER, after years of fatigue, would have but I am set into a total lifestyle change! I’ve been losing weight nice and steady and after only losing my first 2 pounds, i felt instantly better!! I didn’t realise it would do that! I realise now it was an adjustment to my weight and an intro of a bit of exercise daily that was needed. And the plan fit with me and how I’d work best with it. I couldn’t have done without Scotts help and would be happy to recommend him to anyone.

    This Service is ideal for anyone seeking to:

    Health Focused Online Life Coaching

    • Take the guesswork out of their health and fitness efforts
    • Understand what to eat to maintain ideal health and weight
    • Establish a lifestyle that will help offset the demands of a busy,
      stressful work life
    • Benefit from professional health assessments and tracking
    • Work towards slowing their ageing process
    • Would like to work with credible health practitioners about
      personalised health optimisation
    • Self-Employment/
      Solopreneur business coaching
      I have coached many people through the process of setting up and growing a business, whether working for themselves and seeking to build a client base, or establishing a small team and developing a freedom business to allow them to live the life they have imagined for themselves. This means establishing which profession would be an ideal fit, how to bring the idea to market, build an online presence and promote it.

    • Fitness & Wellness Professional
      business coaching
      Over the last 12 years I have learned a lot about what makes for a successful fitness professional having build clients bases in person in multiple countries, owned and run gyms, operated boot camp companies, worked in corporate wellness and developed a renowned online personal training service. I can help you develop as a professional to offer great value to your clients and build a business that will give you the life you design

    • Goal Setting
      Goal setting is an essential element of personal development, I help my clients set realistic and achievable goals, in all areas of their lives. Generally I will help a client create an overarching theme for the setting of goals they wish to achieve, and then establish a list of primary goals. Once goals are set we will develop a working plan for the attainment of each goal. We’ll have a constant dialogue throughout the process, providing a high level of focus and accountability.

    My Principles of Coaching

    Optimal Health
    Maintaining optimal health is essential to performance. When we look and feel good we are able to work more efficiently for longer. Good health also allows us to enjoy life with a higher degree of freedom, after all when it is all said and done no level of success will compensate for poor health. It’s for this reason that optimal health is treated as the highest priority to all of my coaching clients.

    Set Goals
    A ship needs to know it’s destination before it can set sail, whilst things can change on route, knowing what you are working towards is essential. I encourage all of my clients to set and assess their goals across the many facets of life.

    Constant Improvement
    Personal development is all about continued improvement or what Anthony Robbins would call ‘constant and never ending improvement’. Once you are thoroughly engaged in personal development, you’ll always be looking for and implementing strategies to improve areas of your life. Naturally you will focus on different areas of life over phases of development.

    Track progress
    Once goals have been established it is important to regularly track progress to make sure that your initial strategy is paying off, sometimes the route to a specific goal has to be amended along the journey. It’s all a part of the process, but to maximise your progress it’s important to catch what’s not working early. My quarterly review system calls for a complete assessment of your goal list every 12 weeks.

    Do the inner work
    Whilst we can set goals and achieve great things with discipline, hard work and focus, often there are unconscious processes holding us back from realising our true potential. These unconscious processes, sometimes referred to as a ‘sub-personality’ could be responsible for us repeating patterns and behaviours in life that do not serve us. Taking the time for inner reflection, deep work and paying close attention to the insight our subconscious provides can be invaluable.

    Cultivate character
    Inspired by stoic philosophy, I believe that life is enriched by times of deliberate challenge and sacrifice. Whether this be singular focus to accomplish a specific project or casting aside material comforts for a period of time specifically to develop character. These periods make you far more resilient in times of true hardship.

    Part of finding a valuable career path is to devote yourself to work that is not just self-serving, but will be of maximal benefit to those around you and your wider society. This fortifies your work with meaning and enables you to persevere through hard times.

    Utilise low hanging fruit
    All of us have a wealth of opportunity right underneath our noses. Learning how to utilize the resources you have around you is a fundamental skill-set of the entrepreneurial class. Harnessing the power of an introduction, an opportunity to showcase your skills or an underutilised resource can be the catalyst to drive you forward to a whole new level of success.

    Dream big
    Whilst it’s important to set realistic short term goals and track the progress of their achievement, it’s just as important to allow yourself to dream as big as you can. Why would we cap our own potential? Every successful individual we would seek to emulate started with a dream just like you.

    Model Success
    Success leaves clues, as important as it is to be original, there are many men and women out there who already achieved the success you desire. Learning from the experience of successful people vicariously through study or in person via coaching and mentorship is how huge leaps forward are made in a short period of time, even Michael Jordan had a coach.

    What my Clients are Saying…..


    This will depend on your unique scenario. Some of my clients come to me with a particular challenge they would like to overcome, others prefer the ongoing accountability and direction coaching can provide. The most typical frequency of coaching session is once per week, many people benefit from monthly calls, others benefit from a longer quarterly workshop to set goals for the next phase of the year.

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