Podcast  —  April 02, 2019

Ep10. Losing Sight Of Shore, How Laura Penhaul & Her Team Rowed Across The Pacific Ocean Setting Two World Records + Challenging Your Comfort Zone

This is a gem of an episode guys, I’m joined on the podcast by world record setting adventurer Laura Penhaul.

Laura is a world leading physiotherapist, who has worked to an elite level assisting athletes achieve their dream, including the UK paralympians at multiple Olympic Games and the British Ski Team. set 2 world records when she led the first all-female crew to row across the Pacific Ocean. After 4 years in preparation

Laura demonstrated her her abilities as the leader of ‘The coxless Crew’, a women only team who rowed unsupported across the Pacific. An enormous physical and mental challenge that took 9 months to complete and over 4 years to prepare for. I chat to Laura about her experience working with high achieving athletes, overcoming mental and physical challenges and indeed the power of the mind in performance results.

The Losing Sight Of Shore is available to watch on Amazon and Netflix



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Laura Penhaul

  • About Laura’s personal mindset and her drive to achieve.


  • Lessons on ‘letting go’, how project managing a team that you are also in, gets complicated! And the lessons learnt to not simply lead or micro manage everything, but to allow others in a team to have ownership.


  • Choosing her teammates, acknowledging that a gruelling challenge like the Pacific row, would need that team members who aren’t necessarily performance driven and at the top of their game but are able mentally to cope with the challenge ahead.   


  • Acknowledging that communication is key in any relationship, that includes personal and working relationships. Learning that working together and living with others in a high pressure and close environment boundaries of respect need to be laid, you won’t always agree but instead you all need to agree to support the aim of the team overall.


  • Coping with sleep deprivation and exhaustion.


  • Incorporating practicing for the lack of sleep and living conditions as important factors of training because the skills are vital to succeed


  • Overcoming setbacks and moments of doubt.


  • Working with paralympians and appreciation of their fantastic mindsets. What we can all learn from this is to ensure our own sense of purpose to help us achieve our own goals.


  • The power of the mind and having a performance enhancing strategy that works for you. Finding what works for you to have power over your emotions and ridding yourself from negative thoughts.


  • The aftermath of an achievement and finding personal goals after completing a challenge.


  • Ideal life balance, for personal life, work and fitness. The key lies in planning and booking that annual leave to have good positive quality time.
  • Setting yourself challenges.



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