This is a gem of an episode guys, I’m joined on the podcast by world record setting adventurer Laura Penhaul.

Laura is a world leading physiotherapist, who has worked to an elite level assisting athletes achieve their dream, including the UK paralympians at multiple Olympic Games and the British Ski Team. set 2 world records when she led the first all-female crew to row across the Pacific Ocean. After 4 years in preparation

Laura demonstrated her her abilities as the leader of ‘The coxless Crew’, a women only team who rowed unsupported across the Pacific. An enormous physical and mental challenge that took 9 months to complete and over 4 years to prepare for. I chat to Laura about her experience working with high achieving athletes, overcoming mental and physical challenges and indeed the power of the mind in performance results.

The Losing Sight Of Shore is available to watch on Amazon and Netflix

You can contact Laura via her website:

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