Podcast  —  March 24, 2019

Ep9. Preparation As The Key To Success + Balancing A Sporting Career & Becoming A Doctor With International Rugby Ace Jamie Roberts

Hello Guys,

On this episode, I welcome Welsh and Bath rugby Ace Jamie Roberts onto the show.

jamie is a perfect example of an individual that has been able to perform at an incredibly high standard across multiple aspects of life. We discuss the challenges he has faced and how he has managed both a professional rugby career at the same time as completing a degree and now masters in medicine. We also dive into his philosophy on performance and how he prioritises preparation whether rugby match or exam, and the freedom being prepared brings to any critical situation. 

It’s a fascinating conversation, and it really paints the picture of the mindset of high-level sporting performance, whilst delving in and out of the nitty gritty of training, studying and recovery. 

I hope you enjoy the episode!  

Thanks for Listening!

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Jamie Roberts


What you will hear in this episode:

  • How he was able to juggle his medical degree and keep up with all his training required to continue a professional career in rugby.
  • The driving focus of not falling under par in both challenges.
  • The importance of balance in life, to let off steam and socialise.
  • The importance of preparation, whether that is physical or mentally and reverting back to training in both cases when becoming overwhelmed with stress and mounting pressure.
  • Rewarding yourself when achieving goals.
  • The importance personally of learning under pressure, and the strategies he is able to now recognise that work better for him to get good results in his academic fields.
  • Recognition that while you can be driven in yourself, there needs to be outer support and a network of people to be able to negotiate and work around problem-solving to get everything done and tick every box in both fields.

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