Dmitriy Burtsev

Alyna came to me with a very clear goal, she had been thinking for some time about starting a modelling career and wanted to ensure that she had some expert advice to make sure she created a look that she could use for fitness, meant that we needed to sculpt a strong, yet feminine physique.

Alyna is also just 20 years old, so from a physique creation point of a view I didn’t feel that we were in a rush, and not just that I also wanted to make sure I steered her away from any crash dieting or unsustainable lifestyle practices that would set her off with a bad relationship with food or exercise. Alyna was really intrigued as to how the meals on her meal plan were so diverse and actually tasted good. In fact she enjoyed her training process so much that she’s actually decided to enter the fitness and health food industry. The picture below is from Alyna’s first photoshoot, which I was able to prepare her for and coach
her through on the day.