Dmitriy Burtsev

James started my online coaching at 49 already in fantastic shape, but he always had a feeling in the back of his mind that over the course of his many years training he had fallen just short of what he imagined his peak could be. Despite working with other trainers, and trying various training programs James found that no matter how hard he trained he couldn’t break through on certain body parts, his arms for example had always been difficult to stimulate growth in.

Over the course of 24 weeks together, we were able to take James to amazing peak condition gaining a significant amount of muscle mass and bringing up what he considered his weaker muscles, I’m especially proud of what we achieved because James is going to hit 50 at less than 10% body fat not to mention sporting a movie-star physique that would rival any A-lister out there. On a personal level one of James’s motivations for his success was to showcase himself in peak condition for his children, so at the end of his program he came down to visit me at Pinewood Film Studios for a photoshoot, I’m really proud of what we achieved!