Ghulam Jilani

Goal: Wedding Photo Preparation

Nilantheny and I had a very clear goal when we started to work together to get her to look a million dollars on her wedding day. That sounds simple, but you also have to bear in mind that when a dress is also pre-purchases many months out from a wedding we need to be sure that we calibrate our training with pinpoint accuracy to ensure that we don’t underdeliver or lose too much weight and not have the silhouette we want in the dress. Which, interestingly enough is why we actually threw the measure of weight out of the window with our approach because the outcome was very clear, LOOK a million dollars, so what we weighed on the scale was irrelevant. This meant that Nils didn’t have to eat restrictively to be where she wanted to be on her wedding day. We were able to use a combination of resistance training + HIIT to achieve fantastic results, with no dieting.

In her Own Words: