Dmitriy Burtsev

When Vyn was recommended to me by a previous customer, he explained to me that as an active Fire-fighter he was already fit and strong, but the demands of his shift pattern meant that his meals nutrition was hard to plan and his meal times could be tricky to guarantee. Vyn has been growing more and more frustrated by getting fitter but not being able to get into peak aesthetic condition. After working together for the first 3-4 weeks we established some habits that would be ‘low hanging fruit’ for him. I then created a very simple to prepare meal plan, that he could easy prepare on shift in a batch and store for the 4 days he was on shift. We used very taxing volume training to recompose slowly over 24 weeks, I knew that Vyn could recover from the intense training because his four days off would be taken at his own pace. The photo below showcases Vyn’s results after his 6 months training with me, plus the 10 days we took to prepare for a photoshoot.