The 6 Week Shred: Advanced Fat Loss Techniques


Ideal for weddings, photoshoots and beach holidays

This advanced 6 week course in accelerated fat loss provides successful strategies for shredding body fat.
Included is a full 6 week training plan and comprehensive meal planner specifically designed to raise your metabolism and help you burn your existing body fat.

Perfect for people who are:

  • Fed up with never being able to lose the last bit of body fat
  • Tired of boring diet meals
  • Too embarrassed to take your top off at the beach
  • Frustrated with a lack of results from hyped up fat loss routines.
  • Frustrated with unwanted muscle loss at every attempt to lean up
  • Not knowing what to eat when trying to lose fat
  • Getting poor results with high reps and low weights when trying to lean out

A word from Scott

“I’m often requested to help clients rapidly reduce weight for a television or film role, occasionally this rapid composition change will need to be achieved within a short period of time. This 6 week fat loss course combines some of my advanced training techniques along with a comprehensive eating plan that will accelerate fat loss without having to diet down and restrict calories”Scott Laidler
“I’ve never seen the fat melt off so quickly as I did on Scott’s 6 week shred”Tom Blackett
“This is the fastest working weight loss program I’ve used, the best thing is that for the first time I actually feel great whilst losing my body fat, usually I’m all jittery and starving everyday, this has been a breeze”Chris Emmerson
  • 6 Weeks of metabolic conditioning

    The techniques within the 6 week training protocol are designed to rapidly raise metabolic efficiency and shed body fat. The unique blend of low rep strength training fused with ‘muscle sparing’ high intensity circuit training will lead not only to massive fat loss, but also significant gains in muscle mass. This is achieved through keeping your body in an anabolic state throughout the program, meaning you will actually gain muscle on this program whilst stripping fat.

  • Advanced 6 week meal planner

    Every meal on the program was designed with acute attention to detail by one of the U.K’s top nutritionists, this is because I wanted those that purchased the program not only to experience rapid fat loss, but also to feel energized and full of vitality. This is not a restrictive diet plan, the meals are full of delicious ingredients and are easy to prepare. You may be wondering how fat loss is achieved without significantly cutting calories?
    Through creating extremely nutrient dense meals and relying on advanced macro-nutrient cycling that deliver the energy you need on your heavy training days and allow you to shed existing unwanted body fat on your lighter training days.

  • Supplement regime designed to aid faster fat loss

    Although entirely optional on this program, I’ve included a supplement regime that will help you recover from the heavy workouts and naturally boost metabolism, allowing you to burn your existing fat stores whilst preventing new fat being accumulated. Health is always a priority throughout my training programs so there are no uncomfortable thermodynamics included in the regime.

  • Full Exercise guide

    It doesn’t matter if you are new to exercise or a seasoned athlete, this routine will work for you. If you are a total beginner, fear not I have included a three week pre-conditioning phase to get you ready for the program and have also included a full teaching guide for every exercise in the program.


  • Training Protocols with the exact exercises, reps, sets and tempo necessary to get your body into its maximal fat burning state.
  • Powerful training principles that will change the way you view your body, training and losing body fat forever
  • Extensive optional pre-conditioning phase to get ready for heavy raining if you are new to exercise
  • Total body strength workouts designed to elevate metabolism and keep anabolic hormones balanced throughout the program
  • Highly intensive metabolic conditioning circuits to fast track your fat loss
  • Kettlebell and barbell complex routines for muscle sparing, resistance based cardio drills
  • Tabata circuits for extremely effective fat burning
  • Steady state cardio workouts for additional fat burning on your rest days
  • Photo exercise guide and teaching points


  • Comprehensive nutritionist designed meal planner, every meal is focused on keeping your burning fat whilst feeling energized and ready to attack the day
  • Intermittent fasting based protocol to fast track fat loss, improve digestion and slow the aging process
  • Non restrictive meal plan with delicious recipe’s and meal photos
  • Ideal macro nutrient split and caloric intake for fat loss without a loss of muscle mass
  • Detailed formulas on creating your optimal caloric intake
  • Optional non-thermogenic supplement recommendations to further accelerate your fat loss
  • Weekly shopping list to help make your meals easy to prepare


  • How to minimize stress to accelerate the effectiveness of the program
  • The importance of sleep on training progress

Shed fat with my 6 week shred program for less than £3.50 a week, that’s less than two coffee’s or a ready meal!