The Feminine Sculpting Guide


This 6 week feminine sculpting plan is Scott’s go to regime for creating an athletic, yet feminine female physique

You’ve just found the feminine sculpting program that will show you how to reveal lean sculpted curves whilst staying strong and energetic, better yet all without dieting!

Perfect for women who are:

  • Not sure where to start with fitness and weight training
  • In need of a program that helps lose body fat without sacrificing feminine curves
  • Haven’t been able to find a program that was specifically meant for women
  • Want to look strong and athletic without being bulky
  • Frustrated with a series of boring diet meals
  • Want to be fit and lean but still have vibrant energy

A word from Scott

“Unfortunately women interested in fitness are bombarded with a lot of misinformation regarding how to create a lean, yet curvy physique. Perhaps you’ve been told that weights will make you look bulky or that the only way to be lean is to go on crazy bikini model diets, well it just doesn’t have to be that way, I’ll show you how through my feminine sculpting plan you can drop body fat, tone muscles and actually enjoy delicious food along the way”Scott Laidler

Created with the female body in mind

This program has been created with the feminine physique in mind. There is much debate and confusion within the fitness industry regarding whether men and women should train the same way, in fact whether women should train with weights at all. The answer is that yes women that are interested in a lean yet sculpted feminine physique absolutely do need to be be lifting weights, and heavy weights at that!

That said, the mistake most women and the trainers they work with make is that they train women just like men. The problem is that a women’s body and capabilities are completely different than that of a man.

First of all let’s address, the number one fear that women considering beginning a weight training program and that is that it’s going to make them bulky and overly muscular like a man. The first thing you’ll hear is most trainers telling you that its just not possible to get big muscles because you don’t have the testosterone to support it. Unfortunately that’s not strictly true, women have similar muscular development potential to men, although they gain muscle through a different hormonal process negating the need for high testosterone. This means that in order to develop a strong yet feminine physique your workout program needs to be carefully constructed to create curves in all the right places.

This means creating:

  • Lean sculpted shoulders
  • Sleek abdominals giving a completely flat stomach look
  • Shapely, pert and lifted bottom
  • Long sleek legs, and shapely yet not protruding calves
  • Lean, athletic arms

Let me share some knowledge about female fitness training that most trainers just don’t know…

  • Women have a greater natural tolerance for endurance training than men

    This means that a woman’s body is far better suited to a slower lifting cadence than men.

  • Women have a greater ability to deliver nutrients into their muscles after exercise than men

    this means that programs devised for women should take into account women’s ability to train frequently with intensity

  • Women have a greater density of slow twitch muscle fibres than that of men

    Combined with a higher tolerance for fatigue at slow cadence, women will benefit from sets in the higher rep ranges

  • Estrogen as well as being an anabolic hormone in women is also anti-catabolic

    High levels of oestrogen mean that women can handle more comparative volume of exercise than men without falling victim to fatigue or overtraining

Delicious meals packed with goodness
  • Delicious non restrictive approach to meal time

    Every meal on the program has been created to provide adequate nutrient balance and provide not only enough energy to perform through workouts but also to sustain new muscle growth and recover from strenuous exercise. The meals are full of delicious ingredients and are easy to prepare. This is a perfect meal plan to help you reveal those sculpted curves.

  • Optimal supplement recommendations for women

    Although entirely optional on this program, I’ve included a list of supplements that will help you get the best out of the program enhance recovery and keep your hormones functioning perfectly despite the strain of a strenuous training regime.

  • Full exercise guide

    If you are new to weight training do not worry, every exercise in the program comes with full teaching points and photographs so that you can be sure you are getting the most out of every exercise.


  • Training Protocols specifically made for women designed to maximise feminine curves
  • Advanced training principles aimed at rapid body transformation
  • Extensive optional pre-conditioning phase to get ready for heavy training if you are new to exercise
  • Learn how to sculpt your body and lose fat at the same time
  • Steady state cardio workouts for additional fat burning on your rest days
  • Photo exercise guide and teaching points


  • Comprehensive meal planner, every meal is focused on keeping your burning fat whilst feeling energised and ready to attack the day
  • Non restrictive meal plan with delicious recipe’s. Eat nutrient dense foods
  • Detailed formulas on creating your optimal caloric intake
  • Optional supplement recommendations to maximise health whilst on the program
  • Weekly shopping list to help make your meals easy to prepare


  • How to minimize stress to accelerate the effectiveness of the program
  • The importance of sleep on training progress

Unveil your feminine sculpted curves for less than £3.50 a week, that’s less than 2 cappuccinos!