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In my estimation 90% of people are following training regimes and meal plans that are completely wrong for them?
it’s no surprise that so many people are at their wits end when it comes to fitness. That all ends for you today!

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    • Do away with guesswork and follow a training plan perfect for you
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A plan for any goal

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    Muscle Gain

    Different body types respond differently to various training programs. If you have struggled to gain muscle mass in the past it’s likely that you were following a program that was wrong for your specific body type. I’ll show you that even the hardest gainer can stimulate impressive muscle mass when following the correct Protocols.

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    Fat Loss

    This is a huge struggle for many people. I’ve created tried and tested techniques that accelerate fat loss with no need for weight loss pills, crash dieting or surgery. My fat loss techniques work with your body to create a white hot metabolism that will make your weight issues a distant memory.

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    Fitness Enchancement

    I deliver rapid fitness enhancement programs that allow you to bring lagging fitness up to par in a matter of weeks. When your fitness is at a good level life’s daily challenges become easier, whether that means running for a bus, climbing a set of stairs or chasing after your children.

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    When in pursuit of your health & fitness goals it’s essential that you chose a program and meal planner that will sync well with your schedule, work demands and lifestyle. Upon starting your porgram with me we’ll discuss how to get fitness to fit into your normal life, not the other way around.

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    As we grow older, maintaining a fully functional range of movement becomes more and more important. Failing to actively work on joint mobility and flexibility can cause serious problems in later life. All of my training programs come with joint mobility drills to keep your body functioning at an optimal level.

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    Sport Specific

    Whether you want to run a marathon or are a member of a sports team I can design a program that will not only help you improve your performance, But allow you to maintain an attractive physique too, there is no need to sacrifice muscle in the name of performance.

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About Scott

Scott has earned his reputation in the fitness industry through delivering rapid body transformations for men and women across the globe. Over the past 8 years in the industry he has worked with everyone from Oscar winning actors, Paralympic athletes, military service personnel and everyone in between.

With a health focused approached to fitness Scott has developed techniques that transform bodies without restrictive dieting, questionable supplement use or surgery. 250+ published fitness articles and a great track record have earned Scott his fitness column for the Telegraph newspaper and his position working within the film industry on rapid role preparation. Keen to help as many people across the road as possible he has now released a series of fitness guides to do just that.

Recent Work:

Owain Yeoman

Owain Yeoman


I’ve spent many months in Los Angeles & Monaco with one of the UK’s most successful exports.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson


I’ve recently started working With Kate Hudson, developing her athletic wear brand Fabletics.


Natalie Imbruglia

Singer / Songwriter

My exclusive international training services were recently booked by Natalie Imbruglia in Beverly Hills, CA.


Kierston Wareing


International Actress Kierston Wareing and I made great progress in Central London.


Fantastic Beasts

Film cast

I’m currently working with Eddie Redmayne and the cast of ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’.


Krissi Murison

Editor of NME

“My energy levels are up, my waist size is down and I feel stronger and healthier than ever before”.

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