Podcast  —  March 17, 2019

#8. Causes & Treatment of Depression + Integrative Medicine Solutions With Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Leigh Neal

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In this episode, I speak to Consultant Psychiatrist and medical director at www.smarttms.co.uk., Dr Leigh Neal.

During our conversation, Dr Neal and I discuss the effects and origins of depression, it’s relationship to other forms of mental health challenges and addiction and the treatment of TMS as a solution. We discuss also in this episode additional strategies for wellness we can all start to implement ourselves, as well as his personal approach to make sure he maintains his full potential. We approach Dr Neal’s overall health and how changes to his own lifestyle have helped him overcome rather serious medical diagnosis.

Dr Neal started his career as a consultant psychologist in the RAF for 20 years, then worked in the independent sector before delving deeper into his interest in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and how he could introduce it more dominantly here in the UK to help many of his clients who suffer with depression, PTSD or addictions in many forms.




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  • What TMS is and how it helps depression and addiction.
  • Maintenance of TMS, as a precaution against relapse into depression and addiction.
  • Depression, how it can be caused by both environmental factors, or a response to a trigger or in fact caused with no known cause but is in fact biological.
  • Protocols for treating depression, medical as well as steps you can take yourself if you feel you are susceptible to depression, or depressive episodes.
  • The possible responsiveness of the brain, how old outdated ideas of the brain as a static organ after a certain age is not accepted any more, it is proven the brain alters regularly after trauma but also after therapy for example.  
  • Possible personality changes across time.
  • The effects of alcohol, without necessarily being alcohol dependent.
  • Optimising your health on a personal front, without necessarily treating ailments but instead optimising your overall health.
  • We hear about Dr Neal’s experience with Crohn’s Disease, and how changing his nutrition totally banished the symptoms of the disease within 4 months, as well as other wellness and fitness aspects he has now introduced into his life.
  • The process of TMS itself, how it feels? And when you would start to feel the benefits.

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