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On this episode, I’m joined by my friend and colleague David Higgins.

David is a prominent expert in the fitness and wellness world. He launched his career when he found major success after creating a new concept gym, which soon spread into an enterprise of specialist facilities. More recently David is known for his work in the film industry, sharing his knowledge and expertise to help physically prepare the cast for the immense challenges faced during filming.

I sat down with David to discuss his progress, from a young and motivated football player through a huge transition in his life that led to him opening his first gym in London, inspired by not only fitness but also rehabilitation and healing. To a point where he could sell that business before making yet another transition in his career path, this time to begin working in the film industry.

I chat to him to about what has inspired him to achieve and how he maintains his motivation in business and his personal life to continually strive for better.

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#3 - Get Your Body Out Of Pain With HollyWood Personal Trainer David Higgins

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