Podcast  —  February 11, 2019

#3 – Get Your Body Out Of Pain With HollyWood Personal Trainer David Higgins

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On this episode, I’m joined by my friend and colleague David Higgins.

David is a prominent expert in the fitness and wellness world. He launched his career when he found major success after creating a new concept gym, which soon spread into an enterprise of specialist facilities. More recently David is known for his work in the film industry, sharing his knowledge and expertise to help physically prepare the cast for the immense challenges faced during filming.

I sat down with David to discuss his progress, from a young and motivated football player through a huge transition in his life that led to him opening his first gym in London, inspired by not only fitness but also rehabilitation and healing. To a point where he could sell that business before making yet another transition in his career path, this time to begin working in the film industry.

I chat to him to about what has inspired him to achieve and how he maintains his motivation in business and his personal life to continually strive for better.

Check out David’s fantastic new book the Hollywood body plan here

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David Higgins

  • The difference between working in the fitness and health industry in Australia, LA and London, and how it has changed over the years from where he first started.
  • Challenges of being a young entrepreneur how he began his first business and the steps he took that helped him ride the wave, level up and further grow and develop the enterprise. Creating a level standard across all his employees to ensure his gyms are producing and giving the clients the highest standard.
  • Packaging up the business and making the decision to sell it and move on to new opportunities.
  • How different the general fitness industry is compared to working in the film industry.
  • Where the inspiration behind his new book The Hollywood Body Plan comes from and what he talks about in it.
  • How important it is to implement not just mobility work but alignment work and how full body awareness is vital to get you from a sedentary state to an active and fit state.  
  • Approaching the topic of ‘aesthetics’ and the principles of setting goals based on looks alone. How as a society we think it is best to work on our ‘looks’ to achieve similar results to those we see on images and TV everywhere, but how actually that isn’t necessarily the best thing for long term health and wellbeing.
  • Values of intermittent fasting and also breaking down the myths and changing the way we traditionally eat some foods, and our food habits.
  • Managing his own personal health and wellbeing routine around work and family life.
  • Meditation practice and how it works for him and his own mental well being.
  • Children’s movement, nutrition and mindfulness and how he implements things for his own family to try and bring up their education and awareness.
  • Self-treatment and massage, and his quest to give people more confidence to take small trigger points and identify and treat with short 1 minute videos on Instagram etc.

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