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On episode 3 of the podcast, I’m joined by Britain’s greatest ever female skier Chemmy Alcott. Chemmy graciously invited me over to her home to record our conversation, so you can actually choose whether you would like to listen to or watch this episode of the show.

This is a fascinating conversation in which we delve into Chemmy’s origins as an athlete and the kind of training that was required to get her to competition level. We discuss Chemmy’s training regime and dietary intake as an athlete, but more than that we delve into Chemmy’s psychology as an athlete, how she was able to unlock her full potential in her performances and the impact that distinction made on her, with regard to future performances and indeed feeling content with retirement when the time came.

We also discuss family life, Chemmy’s experience as a new mum and the challenges that motherhood brings to a life after professional competition.

It was a fascinating and introspective conversation and I think you’ll get a lot of value from it.

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#2 - Living Outside Your Comfort Zone & Balancing Career & Family Life With Olympic Skier & TV Broadcaster Chemmy Alcott


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