Ideal for weddings, photoshoots and beach holidays

This advanced 6 week course in accelerated fat loss provides successful strategies for shredding body fat.
Included is a full 6 week training plan and comprehensive meal planner specifically designed to raise your metabolism and help you burn your existing body fat.

Best suited for people who are:

  • Fed up with never being able to lose the last bit of body fat
  • Tired of boring diet meals
  • Too embarrassed to take your top off at the beach
  • Frustrated with a lack of results from hyped up fat loss routines
  • Need to get in shape quickly for an event
  • Frustrated that you lose too much muscle every time you try to cut up
  • Not knowing what to eat when trying to lose fat
  • Getting poor results with high reps and low weights when trying to lean out
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This 6 week rapid bulk program is Scott’s most comprehensive hypertrophy routine revealed to date

This is a 6 week course designed to stimulate the most amount of muscle mass in 6 weeks through overloading muscles consistently and creating an anabolic environment in the body by maximising training, consuming nutrient dense foods and optimising rest

Best suited for people who are:

  • Frustrated with not being able to put on enough muscle mass
  • Fed up with gaining too much fat on a muscle bulk
  • Not sure what foods are good to eat when trying to bulk up
  • Tired of getting poor results from traditional workout programs
  • Not sure what exercises and rep ranges to lose when trying to gain muscle
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This 6 week feminine sculpting plan is Scott’s go to regime for creating an athletic, yet feminine female physique

You’ve just found the feminine sculpting program that will show you how to reveal lean sculpted curves whilst staying strong and energetic, better yet all without dieting!

Best suited for women who are:

  • Not sure where to start with fitness and weight training
  • Need a program that helps lose body fat without losing feminine curves
  • Haven’t been able to find a program that was specifically meant for women
  • Don’t want to look strong and athletic without being bulky
  • Frustrated with a series of boring diet meals
  • Want to be fit and lean but still have vibrant energy
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A 6 week guide to healthy eating

Let’s not mince our words, diets don’t work. By definition cutting calories in order to lose weight and then returning to old habits is only going to lead to temporary loses in weight (usually water and muscle).
Most people then put even more weight than they lost back on after returning to normal eating habits.
This is turn leads to a loss of motivation and ever growing frustration as to why their efforts are going unrewarded.

Best suited for people who are:

  • Never knowing what to eat
  • Fed up with dieting and getting no results
  • Hate the feeling of being carb depleted lacking energy all day
  • Lack of energy leading to over reliance on caffeine
  • Not knowing which carbs to eat and when
  • Frustrated at never being at the correct weight
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