The 6 Week Bulk
A Rapid Course In Muscle Gain


This 6 week rapid bulk program is Scott’s most comprehensive muscle gain routine revealed to date

This is a 6 week course designed to stimulate the most amount of muscle mass in 6 weeks through overloading muscles consistently and creating an anabolic environment in the body by maximising training, consuming nutrient dense foods and optimising rest

Perfect for people who are:

  • Frustrated with not being able to put on enough muscle mass
  • Fed up with gaining too much fat on a muscle bulk
  • Not sure which foods are good to eat when trying to bulk up
  • Tired of getting poor results from traditional workout programs
  • Not sure what exercises and rep ranges to use when trying to gain muscle

A word from Scott

“I’ve used these exact principles to get Hollywood leading men into shape for film roles in rapid time. I believe this is the perfect 6 week program to get a hard gainer (typically a slimmer man who finds it difficult to gain muscle) to pack on muscle, the difference at the end of 6 weeks is typically impressive. I still use these exact principles with one one one clients today. It’s a tough program though so for those that aren’t already training I’ve included an optional pre-conditioning phase to get you up to scratch before you start”Scott Laidler
“I’ve always found gaining muscle difficult, my previous trainer told me that my body type couldn’t gain muscle and that I should just focus on getting toned. After 6 weeks on this program I saw a huge difference in the mirror particularly in my chest and shoulders which I thought would never grow!”
“I understand what Scott means about taking rest seriously on this program, this is the hardest I’ve ever trained, in fact I hardly ever felt like partying or going out on this regime but it was definitely worth it, I’m the biggest I’ve ever been and I ever leaned out a bit, thank you”
“Before this program I associated bulking up with gaining body fat and would always approach such programs with dread knowing that even if i did gain muscle, I would probably lose it all when I next tried to cut. This program has helped me gain notable muscle size in my legs, upper body and my abs have ever come through, I’m going to repeat the program straight away and see what happens”
  • 6 Weeks of muscular overload

    The techniques in this training plan have been included because of their ability to shock the body into a state where it is forced to adapt and respond. The response? Rapid gains in muscle mass. The training protocols within switch between volume overload, low rep heavy compound movements and a unique blend of exercises and protocol that Scott has used throughout his career to get people in shape for entertainment industry roles when rapid change is required.

  • Advanced 6 week meal planner

    Every meal on the program has been created to provide adequate nutrient balance and provide not only enough energy to perform through workouts but also to sustain new muscle growth. The meals are full of delicious ingredients and are easy to prepare. This is what would be considered a ‘clean bulk’ although there are plenty of treats in here, they are all from healthy sources, nutrients count and there is no room in this program for junk food. Remember, anyone can gain weight and size by lifting heavy and eating a tonne terrible food, but on a program this hard, you will overtrain unless you consume nutrient rich food. Not only that, why go through all of this effort to gain muscle only to hide it under a layer of unwanted body fat.

  • Supplement regime designed to aid faster fat loss

    Although entirely optional on this program, I’ve included a supplement regime that will help you recover from the heavy workouts and help to natutally boost testosterone levels which will help facilitate your muscle growth. Health is always a priority throughout my training programs so there are no uncomfortable thermogenics nor anything that will directly interfere with your hormones included in the regime.

  • Full Exercise guide

    It doesn’t matter if you are new to exercise or a seasoned athlete, this routine will work for you. If you are a total beginner, fear not I have included a three week pre-conditioning phase to get you ready for the program and have also included a full teaching guide for every exercise in the program.


  • Training Protocols with the exact exercises, reps, sets and tempo necessary to force your body into gaining muscle mass
  • Advanced training techniques that perfect for forming new muscle mass
  • Ideal training regime for the ‘hard gainer’ or anyone wanting to make the maximal amount of progress in a short time
  • Overload principles that make your body respond
  • Extensive optional pre-conditioning phase to get ready for heavy training if you are new to exercise
  • Learn how to take on a bulking goal without gaining unwanted body fat
  • Steady state cardio workouts for additional fat burning on your rest days
  • Photo exercise guide and teaching points


  • Comprehensive meal planner, every meal is focused on keeping your burning fat whilst feeling energised and ready to attack the day
  • Non restrictive meal plan with delicious recipe’s. Eat nutrient dense foods
  • Ideal macro nutrient split and caloric intake for gaining muscle. Split macro recommendations for training days and rest days
  • Detailed formulas on creating your optimal caloric intake
  • Optional supplement recommendations to further optimise your body’s ability to gain muscle
  • Weekly shopping list to help make your meals easy to prepare


  • How to minimise stress to accelerate the effectiveness of the program
  • The importance of sleep on training progress

Gain maximum muscle mass with my 6 week mass program for less than £3.50 a week, that’s less than some protein shakes!