How To Get Fit In Your 30s (A Personal Trainer’s Guide)

  Estimated Reading Time: 10 Minutes In my twelve years as a personal trainer, and as someone writing this article in my thirties, my observation is that the challenges of this decade are far more to do with how we manage the growing pressures of a more responsible life than they are with any tangible descent of our hormones or metabolism.…


How Motivation Really Works in Health & Fitness

  Estimated Reading Time: 10 Minutes I’m often told by my incoming online personal training clients “I’m not very motivated to exercise” or “I’m not a very motivated person” and I’ve always questioned the validity of that statement. That’s not to say that the individual is telling me a mistruth, but, to me, that the description is inaccurate, and is actually…


How to Stay Consistent With Exercise

  Estimated Reading Time: 10 Minutes One of the biggest challenges people face with exercise is doing workouts on a consistent basis.   Consistency is crucial in maximising the progress of an exercise regime, and although the initial enthusiasm when pursuing a new fitness goal often burns very brightly, over time the flame dwindles and after a series of skipped workouts…


How To Make Exercise A Daily Habit

Estimated Reading Time: 10 Minutes When trying to establish a new exercise program, it is important to be as consistent as possible. Of course, this can be challenging. Many people struggle to establish a  consistent exercise habit, which is a shame because even the best laid out workout program isn’t going to work if it’s abandoned early.    Why is consistency…


How to Return to Exercise After a Long Break

Estimated Reading Time: 10 Minutes As a personal trainer, I often meet people who have gone through many cycles of activity vs complete inactivity.   This could be due to any number of reasons that are outside your control, from logistical challenges to an illness or injury, but either way, this can be a major problem.   The human body isn’t…


How To Build Lean Muscle Mass

When fitness training first piqued my interest as a teenager, the conventional narrative was to spend half of your time ‘bulking’ and the other half ‘cutting’. We really didn’t pay too much mind to the quality of mass gain we were putting on, so long as we were getting bigger. We gave ourselves a licence to eat thousands of calories and almost snarked at cardio, thinking that it would impede our ‘gains’.

Unfortunately this led to a lot of unwanted body fat being accumulated alongside the lean muscle we were working so hard for, which in turn meant really long cuts where we would lose some of that hard earned mass as we dropped body fat. It was a vicious circle.