Podcast  —  May 13, 2019

Ep.15 You Are Enough – Developing Self Worth To Lead The Life You Desire With World Renowned Therapist Marisa Peer

Hey Podcast! I have a treat for you in this episode as I’m joined by world-renowned Therapist and best selling author Marisa Peer. We discuss why not believing you are worthy of success, happiness or contentment on a conscious or subconscious level could be holding you back from living the life you desire. We also discuss the connection between our subconscious needs and physical ailments, how to find the right romantic partner + how to deal with bullies and trolls. This is a great episode guys, hope you enjoy it!

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Marisa Peer

  • Marisa’s origins in the world of therapy.
  • The current social epidemic that is damaging the next generation and the simple phrase ‘I am enough’, which can help correct some of the negative side effects.
  • Our lasting primitive needs, craving love and fearing rejection.
  • Putting your own permission to ‘like’ yourself in someone else’s hands and the life-changing effects of taking back that control for yourself.
  • Why negative is wired into our DNA.
  • Facing problems that stem from the past situations or traumas.
  • Fame seeking to seek confirmation that you are enough. People can help you feel better, but only you have the power to know that you are enough.
  • Choosing a partner for long term love and compatibility.
  • How our brains are wired to want more and our potential expands as you get close to it.
  • Losing connection in a world filled with nothing but social media and appliances.  
  • Fearing being different.  
  • Emotions are important, we need to tune in and listen.
  • Celebrating the small wins, and training yourself to have these behaviours in everyday life to encourage gratitude.

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