Podcast  —  April 22, 2019

Ep13. Battling Anxiety, Owning Your Sexuality & Monetising Creativity With World Renowned Hair Stylist Neil Moodie

Hey guys, on this show I am joined by world-renowned hairstylist Neil Moodie. Neil has worked with many of Hollywood’s leading ladies and the most famous models and brands in the world. We discuss Neil’s long battle with anxiety and how establishing congruence in ones personality helps to manage it, we also explore triggers and origins of anxiety and how they can be linked to sexuality, parental issues and unexplored inner work. We also discuss how to find success in the creative fields.

Read more about Corrine Day and see some of the photography that helped launch Neil’s here and discussed in the podcast here:



Neil’s new website which will be launched soon: https://www.neilmoodie.com/


Neil’s podcast, ‘In Bed With Neil Moodie’: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/in-bed-with-neil-moodie/id1455488655?mt=2


The Pink Army: https://www.benwest.org.uk/pink-army


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Neil Moodie

  • Neil’s origins in his career how he transitioned from being a salon hair-dresser.
  • We hear how colleague, friend and photographer Corinne Day, give Neil a once in a life-time opportunity and mentored him into the fashion and photography world.
  • The life and legacy of Corinne Day.
  • What happens when the fashion and political worlds collide.
  • Adapting to the changing fashion world, and working to create the next trend, always working 6 months ahead.
  • How Neil’s job operates and the difference between a hair stylist and a hair-dresser.
  • How important it is to build rapport with colleagues and clients, and how breaking down barriers is massively important in the world of hair, beauty and fashion.
  • How anxiety and panic attacks affected him in his life and how it presented itself. How learning to understand why it is happening, and recognizing the signs helped him manage the effects better.
  • We explore Neil’s journey through sexuality and the psychological impact of ‘coming out’
  • Mental health in his family, getting to grips with this while growing up, and finally discussing the effect of depression with his parents as an adult.
  • Therapy and learning to change his mindset and techniques to help with anxiety.
  • What is coming up next in Neil’s business plans and his own podcast.  
  • His aspirations to spread the message of the importance of mental health and speak openly as much as he can to show people that it is possible to overcome.
  • TV and Film that has nailed the style both with fashion and hair.
  • Adjusting with the world of fashion, moving away from print. And learning to choose the jobs that are right for him.

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