Podcast  —  May 01, 2019

Ep14. Turning Setbacks Into Motivation, What It Really Takes To be In Shape + Self Belief & Entrepreneurship After Sport With 3 x Olympian Sarah Lindsay

Hey guys, on this episode I am joined Three-Time Olympian, entrepreneur and strength coach Sarah Lindsay. We discuss how Sarah turned early career setbacks into motivations to move push on. We also speak about the performance mindset of an Olympian, really delving into the psychological and mindset tactics that Sarah used to perform at the highest level. We also discuss the benefits of strength training for women and entrepreneurship + building a fitness brand following life as an athlete. It’s a really interesting conversation and there is a tonne of actionable information packed into this episode, hope you enjoy!

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Sarah Lindsay

  • Stepping into sports at a young age as an outlet for hyperactivity.
  • Reaching a crossroads where she learnt that to strive for excellence that she had to make some difficult decisions to drop her academic studies to focus on working on her sport, which became a turning point in her career.
  • Using uncomfortable truths to evaluate yourself and better your path move forward.
  • Competing on the world stage in athletics.
  • Working as a personal trainer, and the positivity of helping people reach personal goals.
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with inspiring people who believe in excellence to help you on your own path by giving yourself the best support system.
  • Creating her own gym and ensuring that those she chose to work with, not only have the best CV and training experience, but are actually willing to go the extra mile for all their clients.
  • Her own personal goals in business and personal life.
  • Her experience of athletic training and nutrition and what it involved in her day to day life.
  • Health priorities for old age, what practices she is putting in place as a habit.
  • What is behind the nickname ‘The Truth’.
  • Coming back from injury after a bad crash in 2007, and having 1 year and 3 months out of training completely, and using it as a positive drive to push her to put everything back into training when she was able.
  • Working with a phycologist to improve and optimise your performance, by taking time to learn about yourself and taking control of growth and acknowledging what is holding your back
  • Embodying your ideal self.


  • The transition from athletic training and coaching to becoming a personal trainer and beginning her own business.
  • Training weights to help build strength and lose weight, and Sarah advice for those starting a health and wellness journey.

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