Podcast  —  May 21, 2019

Ep16. A Life In Personal Training, Emotional Intelligence & The Physical Effects Of Stress With Fitness Entrepreneur Niko Algieri

On this episode of the show, I welcome fitness entrepreneur and content creator Niko Algieri. We discuss, a career in personal training where Niko describes building his client base up from scratch following a corporate job he hated + the necessary ‘soft skills’ it took to build rapport and inspire clients. It’s also a tale of entrepreneurship in the fitness industry, bouncing back from setbacks & the perils of letting fatigue go too far.

Nikos Gym in King’s Cross Lonon: https://www.weareequilibrium.com/

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Niko Algieri

  • Hear about Niko’s journey and what sparked his transition into the world of fitness.
  • Training as a personal training and learning new techniques from pilates.
  • Advice for those starting out as a personal trainer.
  • The sacrifices made to your own lifestyle when the focus of your career is helping other people.
  • The attitude of saying ‘yes’ to every opportunity.
  • Emotional intelligence is vital for good personal trainers. It is needed to read people in an instance and adjust your sessions and training to help suit the day, the emotion, the energy of the client that day.
  • The birth and origins of Equilibrium.
  • The principle that the legs, core and lower back causing problems for most people, as well as mobility. So by working and solidifying the foundation of strength, the legs, glute and core and the mobility of the body,  the rest will come.
  • Easy wins for mobility drills for everyone on a daily basis.  
  • Where to start as a beginner looking to solidify your foundation.
  • The ethos of ‘Rounded Fitness’.
  • Health scares, and the link to emotional health and stress factors and the impact of our bodies and health.
  • Using social media, to help build content. Tips and Tricks to help engage your clients and build your business.
  • Where he would like to build his business now and what his hopes and dreams are for the future.

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