Podcast  —  February 11, 2019

#5 – How Former Elite Athlete & Entrepreneur Charlotte Roach Recovered From A Near Fatal Cycling Accident To Cycle From Beijing To London For Charity

Hey Guys,

On this episode, I’m joined by Entrepreneur and former elite triathlete Charlotte Roach.

I speak with Charlotte about her journey into the sporting world, where she drew her own confidence from and how she progressed greatly mentally and physically whilst being mentored by Olympian, Kelly Holmes. She chats to us through the transition from being a runner to starting her career as a professional triathlete, and how she the level of prep and training involved pushed her to her limits.

We discuss the major accident which blew a hole in all her goals and target, and the mental and physical impact it had on her life. The psychological and physical battle she worked through to get back on a bike and ride across the world. Then her transition into an entrepreneur who has totally changed her perspective on exercise and is helping to do the same for others.

I left the rabble offices inspired by Charlotte and her journey, this was a really enjoyable conversation and there is plenty of inspiration in there, especially when it comes to strength of will and resilience.

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Charlotte Roach

  • Becoming part of the acceleration programme as a runner to shift into the triathlon for the 2012 Olympics and her choice to leave university to do that full time.
  • During her Olympic training, the experience of being involved with a collision, where she punctured her lungs, fractured 12 vertebra, her ribs, and her collarbone and the level of recovery that was needed to get her sitting up, walking and make it home from hospital.  
  • How the athlete mentality helped her through the process of at that point getting back to being a triathlete and competing in it either as an athlete or a para-athlete.
  • The realism of facing very real fears involved in risk factors and variables.
  • Taking a fresh look at her life and re-assessing her goals and what she wanted to become, and how that impacted on her own identity.
  • Cycling from Beijing to London to raise money, help give back and support the ambulance service that saved her life.
  • Her journey across the world and the challenges she had to navigate and risks she took to make the journey a success.
  • The deep contrast from her life to this point to working in her first job in construction.
  • Crossing the bridge to get back in to exercise for fun with a totally different mentality and fitting it around a normal job.
  • The trigger idea to start her own exercise program to help other adults be healthy in creative ways without doing typical gym or HIIT workouts that many people dread, and how that grew into a business that has gone international.
  • The similarity of being an athlete to being an entrepreneur, working towards a goal and being passionate about it.

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