In this episode, Dr. Marc Bubbs returns to the Healthy Ambition podcast to discuss how best to navigate your 40s from a health & fitness perspective. We cover the typical trends we all face with our health through our 20s, 30s & 40s making sure that we’re set up well for our 40s. We Also discuss how a workout program in your 40s must meet you where you are if it’s going to be maintainable. We also touch on how to manage low testosterone levels and how to determine when to push and when to rest and why this only gets more crucial with age. optimal health in your 40sHow somebody experience health through the 20th 30s 40sHow to turn your health around step-by-stepDiscipline to pull back from a work out when you need a restYou have to start where are you are nowEasy way to manage low testosteroneWhy mobility in meditation is importantHow offset health problems, no matter the age.

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